Of adjectives and altitudes.
Chronicling the corduroy. It’s what we do.

Twenty years ago, if you wanted to learn about ski resorts, there weren’t too many options. You could call local resorts to find out what conditions were like, but the call was often a toll call, and the conditions — suspiciously — were always “excellent.” You might pick up a brochure at a local ski shop or trade show, or ask friends for tips and advice.

Information wasn’t terribly easy to come by.

DCSki entered that void in 1994, aiming to provide an independent voice to passionate skiers and snowboarders, with a focus on the Mid-Atlantic region. Initially, DCSki was distributed via an e-mail newsletter to subscribers. Soon after, DCSki was born on the web. Since then, millions of visitors have relied on DCSki to deliver the most compelling and comprehensive resources for snowsports enthusiasts in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.

The award-winning DCSki isn’t just an on-line publication; it’s a lively community. Each year, readers contribute their own stories and exchange thousands of messages in the Forum. DCSki’s readers come from across the Mid-Atlantic to the far reaches of the globe, from a variety of backgrounds but with one common trait: an unbridled passion for skiing and snowboarding.

From its humble beginnings, DCSki retains its independent roots. We invite you to explore resources across the site, and to become a member of our community.

Our pledge to you

We’re honored to have you as a reader, and to show our respect for you, we’re going to take a path that’s different from many other web sites.

We’ll present content in a clean, clear way. We won’t divide articles across multiple pages, and we won’t scatter ads all over your screen or allow annoying pop-up ads. We’ll present balanced coverage from contributors with diverse points of view. We’ll hold a high standard for community members and encourage readers to share comments in a courteous and professional way. We won’t toot our own horn; we’ll let our site and content speak for itself, and work every day to maintain your readership and respect. Just as we’ve done for the past 26 years.

Feedback and Article Suggestions

DCSki welcomes news tips, article suggestions, event information, and even guest columns. Got a question about the site? How about a suggestion? We’re eager to hear your comments - positive, negative, or anything in between.

The buck stops at the desk of DCSki’s Editor, M. Scott Smith. Visit this page to learn how to contact Scott.

Clean and Green

DCSki operates on a Mac Mini Server - the world’s most energy-efficient desktop computer. When idle, the server sips less than 11 watts of power. At peak demand, the energy usage climbs to a modest 85 watts. To reduce our carbon footprint even further, DCSki purchases carbon offsets to support clean energy and other projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We believe winter sports enthusiasts have not only a vested interest but a responsibility to help support the environment.

About DCSki’s Editor, Scott

DCSki is operated by M. Scott Smith. Scott writes the articles, takes the photographs, designs the pages, programs the site, pays the bills, and occasionally catches a wink of sleep. (Every now and then, he gets to ski. Not as often as he’d like, though!)

Scott graduated summa cum laude from Drexel University with a major in computer science and a minor in mathematics. In addition to DCSki, Scott works full-time as a computer scientist and researcher.

Scott loves outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, kayaking, skiing, and mountain biking. He is an avid photographer and writer, and also plays keyboards, electric guitar, and drums. He loves to travel and explore. Scott grew up in Colorado and currently resides in Maryland.

Scott maintains a personal web log at www.mscottsmith.org, where he gathers together random thoughts that usually have nothing to do with skiing. But he also occasionally posts “behind the scenes” looks at events he covers for DCSki, as well as high-resolution photos he shoots at ski resorts.

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Some Disclaimers

All rights reserved. You may not reproduce any portion of DCSki, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of DCSki’s Editor. Comments posted on these pages do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of DCSki, LLC or its Editor. Although DCSki, LLC attempts to verify the accuracy of the information it publishes, DCSki, LLC cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions. Verify current conditions, operating schedule, and events directly with a resort prior to making a visit. You may view DCSki’s Privacy Policy here.

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