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Respecting your privacy is of paramount importance to DCSki. We believe it is necessary in order to build a relationship of trust that DCSki’s success is dependent on. Below, we describe the steps we take to preserve your privacy.

Please note that DCSki’s Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time and without user notification.

User Information

Many pages on DCSki can be viewed without creating a user profile. To participate in interactive features of DCSki, users must apply for a user profile, which requires a valid and authenticated e-mail address. We do not share this e-mail address with anyone else unless we obtain your explicit permission to do so, and we discourage users from posting their e-mail address on DCSki.

When you visit DCSki, our server logs information about your visit. This information may include but is not limited to your I.P. address, your username if you have logged into your user profile, the pages you visit on the site, and advertisements you click on. This information is used to enable certain features of DCSki and to provide us with an understanding of how users use the site, so that we may make continuous improvements. Additionally, DCSki may use third party services such as Google Analytics to generate high-level statistics on usage. DCSki does not share personal information (such as your name or e-mail address) with advertisers.


Like many web sites, DCSki uses cookies to enhance your experience. A cookie is a small piece of data that is sent by our server and stored by your web browser. Using cookies, DCSki can enable users to create profiles and log into the site, providing an enhanced experience. Most browsers can be configured to reject cookies. If you disable cookies in your browser, most pages on DCSki should be viewable, although you will not be able to create a profile or participate in interactive sections of the site.

Reader Comments

Many areas on DCSki allow users to submit and instantly publish their own comments. For example, readers can post messages in the DCSki Forum on a wide variety of subjects, or can attach comments directly to an article. Any time you submit comments in this manner, please understand that the information you include will be published immediately on DCSki and will be viewable to everyone in the world. Do not include any information in the comments that you do not wish to be shared with a large audience. We recommend that you do not include your e-mail address in comments, as it could be harvested by a “spam bot.”

For your protection, we allow readers to use an alias, nickname, or partial name when posting messages or comments. We respect our readers and trust that they will not try to assume someone’s else’s identity when posting messages or abuse DCSki to post profane or slanderous information. We reserve the right to edit or delete any messages or comments that appear to be posted under false pretense, that contain profanity or inappropriate language, or for any other reason we choose. We also reserve the right to reject any user profile application for any reason, or to ban users from accessing the site. Please note also that your I.P. address is logged when you visit the site. Although we do not publicly share this I.P. address, we reserve the right to use it to combat or address violations of DCSki’s posting policy, for example to block abusive users from accessing DCSki or to report abuses to Internet Service Providers. Also note that any time you submit information to be published on DCSki, you agree that you will not receive any type of remuneration for your efforts, and agree that DCSki can publish the information throughout the site.

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