Big Storm a big bust?
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January 22, 2005
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It looks like here for the mid-atlantic what was supposed to have been a big winter storm dumping lots of snow turned into a big overpromised bust. When I woke up this morning at 9 I saw a very light dusting of snow outside, nothing more than what we got last week to cover bare spots on the ground. Then around 12pm when I was getting firewood in did it really start to do any precipitation and snow alot to the point that my coat was getting covered with snow fairly fast. By 3pm though everything was over leaving at most 2" of snow here outside of Wardensville and to add a little bit of embarassing humiliation ontop of it all, the sun came out from between the clouds until sunset.

Hardy County now has about 48" of snow to go before reaching our avg of 50" a year. This winter is just too screwed up leaving us sit up here with nothing I think.
January 22, 2005
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Here in Baltimore they called for 6-12 inches and we got 6.

Not a bust, but definately on the low end of the forecast - the weather people can claim that they were correct which will make them insufferable!

Anyway, I would rather have it been a bust here and dropped its load on the mountains. Hey tho - it is sno which we have been praying and sacraficing neighborhood cats for, so I am not about to insult Ullr by looking a gift horse in the mouth!
January 22, 2005
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I have agree with you! It seems like every time they make a big deal out of it, nothing seems to happen In my area here in Clifton/Centreville, we got about the same that you mentioned, 2-3 inches. I thought that we were really gonna get it as around 12:30 or so, it really started to let loose. After a litte while, it basically stopped

January 22, 2005
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In Alexandria, depending on who you were listening to we were told

4 to 8
6 to 10
5 to 9
5 to 7

and the actual was 3". Hope the mountains did much better.
January 22, 2005
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Well, I haven't been to the mountains today, but I live in Westminster (about 25 miles from Liberty) and we got close to 6". Not what I was hoping for, but enough the Liberty ought to be able to open the whole mountain tomorrow, or Monday at the latest.
January 23, 2005
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I am in Canaan Valley today. At my house in Old Timberline we probably got 6" - Whitegrass is reporting over a foot. There is certainly plenty of snow here. Yesterday turned out to be a pretty nice ski day in the mid-twenties with little wind (until the afternoon). Overall, much less snow than I was expecting, but still a very nice light powder. Everything is finally white here.

Skiing today is only for the hardy. My thermometer reads -6 degrees at 7:45AM, and then there's the wind....
January 23, 2005
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I don't really care that it was exagerated. I was at Whitetail from opening to about 1:00 pm yesterday andnit was epic. Untracked powder in the morning, stashes all over the place, tha park was outstanding. Overall an amazing day. The only thing that irked me is the lack of plowing on the access road to Whitetail. I did okay but it was borderline chains weather.
January 23, 2005
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I don't really care that it was exagerated. I was at Whitetail from opening...

amen kennedy. i was there saturday too and it was phenomenal. those that stayed home missed out. my 2-wheel-drive ski-van made it up there just fine, though that last 5 miles of road was a little sketchy in the morning.
January 24, 2005
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I was at Liberty this weekend. Got to the hill on Saturday afternoon and the conditions were pretty good. Lots of clumps of powder here and there over top of the usual "eastern hard pack." By evening, the stuff had gotten pretty tracked up. Sunday was still good with the groomers doing a good job of spreading the natural snowfall. All told, I'd say we got a good 6 inches at Liberty - no where near the 12 to 15 inches predicted (IMHO, the weather forecasters got it WRONG!). Also, Liberty wasn't taking any chances. They had the snow guns going full blast on Strata and White Lighting all weekend. I expect they will continue to build base and shoot for 100% open terrain by this coming weekend.
snowsmith - DCSki Supporter 
January 24, 2005
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Their initial prediction for the Balt/Wash area was 4" - 8" which they should have stuck with. I was at Hidden Valley and we received about 6" from the actual storm. It basically stopped snowing at about Noon on Saturday except for some passing snow showers. Then about 5:00 PM the Lake Effect machine got turned on and we received at least another 4 - 5 inches of Great Lakes fluff.The skiing on Saturday was great with piled up snow on the slopes to hop over. On Sunday, it was even better, although most of the powder had been groomed to corderoy. However, it was dam cold (5 degrees with a minus 15 windchill!). Outstanding Mid-Atlantic skiing if I must say so.
January 24, 2005
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Hope the mountains did much better.

Not really. Massanutten only got about 2 or 3 inches of snow this weekend. I was prepared to be snowed in up there.

The bulk of the storm went farther north and east than they originally prodicated!

Just on the news tonight, they said that Boston, MA got 26 inches and Plymouth/Salam got 38 inches! Philly got 14 inches. I bet the skiing up in the Poconos was friggan awesome!
January 25, 2005
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I was at Snowshoe for the "Blizzard of 05" as it was dubbed by The Weather Channel. TWW was calling for a total of 4-8" of snow. I was afraid that we weren't going to get that, as I thought the storm was going to go too far north to get much at SS. We ended up getting 12+" Saturday afternoon and night. Sunday am was incredible, lots of freshies. It definitely wasn't a blizzard, but I wasn't disappointed!

BTW, SS was in great shape. We got 4" Wednesday night and 2" both Thursday & Friday nights.

They weren't making snow on Lower Shay's. They acted like they may not open it this year?
January 31, 2005
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They did fire up lower shays thursday afternoon 1/27.

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