Privacy Policy

Respecting your privacy is of paramount importance to DCSki. We believe it is necessary in order to build a relationship of trust that DCSki's success is dependent on. This page describes what information we collect when you use the DCSki web site, and how this information is used.

Please note that DCSki's Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time and without user notification.

1. Registered vs. Non-Registered Users

Most pages on DCSki can be viewed without creating a user account or profile. To participate in interactive features of DCSki, such as posting messages to the DCSki Forum, users must register for an account, which requires a valid and authenticated e-mail address. We do not share this e-mail address with anyone unless we obtain your explicit permission to do so or are legally required to. We discourage users from sharing contact information such as their e-mail address publicly on DCSki.

Some features that are only available to registered users require DCSki to store additional data, for example Private Messages between users or user avatars.

2. Information Collected for Non-Registered Users

Minimal information is collected and stored on our server for users who have not registered for an account on DCSki. When you visit DCSki, our server logs each page view, including the I.P. address used to visit the page and basic information such as how long the page took to load. This information is used to enable certain features of DCSki and to provide us with an understanding of how users use the site, so that we may make continuous improvements. Additionally, DCSki may use third party services such as Google Analytics to generate high-level statistics on usage.

Some pages on DCSki include advertisements from our sponsors. DCSki tracks how many times these advertisements are displayed on DCSki pages, and also captures metrics on how many times users click on these ads. When a user clicks on an ad, they are re-directed to the advertiser's web site. DCSki may also participate in third-party advertising networks, which might utilize their own cookies and track their own information.

3. Information Collected for Registered Users

In addition to the information described in Section 2 above, DCSki collects and stores additional usage information for registered users in order to enable the additional functionality provided to registered users. Users must be 18 years of age or older to request an account. Users can optionally share some biographical details, such as their city, profession, and interests, which are shown to other users of DCSki. Users can choose to contribute content to DCSki by posting comments to the DCSki Forum, news articles, and lost ski resort profiles. Users can also send Direct Messages to other users. The content provided by users is stored on DCSki's server. In most cases, users can directly edit or remove content that they have contributed to DCSki.

To request a user account, a valid e-mail address must be provided. This e-mail address is used for multiple purposes, including but not limited to verifying that the account request is legitimate; enabling users to reset their account if they forget their password; to receive notifications when direct messages are received; and receiving periodic e-mail newsletters sent to subscribers. DCSki does not share your e-mail address with advertisers or any external entities, unless required by law.

DCSki provides the ability for registered users to quickly identify new content that has been posted since their last visit. In order to achieve this functionality, DCSki stores information on the last post(s) or page(s) a user visited.

Browser Cookies are small pieces of data sent by our server and stored by your web browser. DCSki relies on Cookies in order to determine when a registered user has successfully logged in, so that users can stay logged in across multiple page views. If you disable Cookies within your web browser, you will be able to view most pages on DCSki, but will not be able to login or access the features reserved for registered users. When you log into DCSki, you can ask DCSki to keep you signed in to the browser you are using. DCSki must store information on its server as well as in a Browser Cookie in order to remember which browsers you have logged in from. When you explicitly sign out of DCSki, this information is cleared.

When a user registers for an account on DCSki, they are asked to create a password. This password is immediately encrypted on creation and is only stored on our server in encrypted form.

4. Sensitive Personal Information

DCSki does not solicit or require any sensitive personal information from users. DCSki does not store any payment information for users such as credit card details. Features such as the ability to Donate money to DCSki are handled through third party providers such as PayPal, Square, or Patreon. DCSki does not require a user's mailing address unless the user wishes to receive a promotional item such as a DCSki lapel pin.

5. Intended Audience

DCSki is geared towards winter sports enthusiasts in the United States of America. To participate in interactive features of DCSki, you must apply for an account and must be at least 18 years of age. Account requests are individually reviewed, are not guaranteed to be approved, and are granted based on our discretion alone. Accounts may be revoked by DCSki at any time, with no prior notification, and for any reason.

6. Additional Information

If you have questions about DCSki's Privacy Policy, please Contact DCSki's Editor.

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