When do local resorts usually open?
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October 13, 2004
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Does anyone have the opening dates for Whitetail, Liberty, and Roundtop for the last few years?
October 13, 2004
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Belleayre Mountain opened Nov 8 last year and closed later than most east coast ski areas. Belleayre may be your closest ski area for some early turns without having to drive hours further north. Check out Belleayre's very unique cartoon style web page.
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October 13, 2004
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Local resorts open when there has either been sufficient natural snow to justify openning at least a few trails, or it has been cold enough to make snow. I have seen great conditions in early Dec. if it has been cold, and also seen local resorts struggle to open by Christmas week. Usually the big name, relatively big mountain resorts have the most trails open earliest...7Springs, Snowshoe, Wisp, and sometimes the Canaan Valley resorts are in much colder climes and able to sustain round the clock snowmaking usually not later than the second week of December. Wintergreen at 3500'+ of elevation and Massanutten have prodigous snowmaking capabilities, but are, like the Liberty, Bryce, Roundtop, and much more suseptible to the usual thaws in December. the real question is not when do the local resorts open (slopes with golf course quality grass and no rocks permit quick openning when temperatures allow) but how many trails are open and able to spread the crowd. The Colonel
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