Discount Tickets at Ski Liberty?
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December 27, 1999
Does anyone know how to get discounted lift and/or rental tickets for Ski Liberty? Are there ski "clubs" or "groups" where people join just so that they qualify for some sort of discounted ticket as a group member? Does Liberty offer such discounts? Not interested in season pass, or just nite skiing type discount.
December 28, 1999
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Ski Liberty has something called an Advantage Card that you buy for under $89. It gives you significant discounts (40% I think) on lift tickets throughout the season. It's worth it if you ski quite a bit up there (more than 6 times). There's also the Night Club card where you get unlimited night time skiing (4pm to 10pm) for $150.00. Add $20 and you can have a Night Club card/Advantage Pass combo. Don't know of anything outside but you might want to call some area ski stores (i.e., Ski Chalet) to see if they have some type of discount program.

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