this bites.......bigtime!
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February 7, 2002
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This is getting sooooo depressing every week the temperatures start to cool off only to warm up as soon a precipation moves in.
I think global warming and radiating asphalt has finished us off here in DC.
I suggest we all move to burlington and open our own dcski factory specializing in producing high performance mud skis.
February 8, 2002
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sure does, but thats the mid atlantic for you. last year was really good though if you remember. im no weatherman, but id guess its because the atlantic is so warm this year. but on the plus side that means theres lots of moisture to tap into IF the right storm comes along. we're not done yet. we've had some of our biggest snows in march and if people keep coming out, the mts will stay open.
February 10, 2002
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Finsoutoc - gosh, I hope you're right. We NEED cold/snow. Otherwise the season is pretty much done. The bare spots on Dipsy at Liberty were too numerous to count. In addition, we NEED skiers/boarders to keep getting out there. IMHO, the areas won't stay open much past mid-March. Too many skiers/boarders from DC are thinking of spring time activities and will give up - even if there's a ton of machine made snow left on the local area trails. PRAY for cold.
February 11, 2002
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yep thats always the clincher. mid-march rolls around and its only locals who have passes so they close. cant blame them, but its depressing to go up in april only to find the trails still covered!!! i really like to see is a late season pass at a low rate just to get people out. or a relaxed atmosphere that caters to the more hardcore person--maybe a whole trail park, or soemthing to that effect. ANYTHING to keep people coming out.

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