Liberty Sat. Feb. 1 - "Hero Snow"
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February 1, 2003
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I will start with the mandatory disclaimer. I am an employee of Ski Liberty.

Now that is taken care of... The snow at Liberty today was about as good as it gets in these parts. Soft but not gloppy, and tons of nice creamy stuff everywhere. Even the "slick every saturday night" spots on Blue Streak, Upper Heavenly etc. had snow on em.

If it doesn't get too warm, Sunday should be good as well.

Unfortunately, THERE ARE NO BUMPS. Come to Liberty and please make bumps...

February 10, 2003
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Liberty has some bumps now. I went on Saturday and the conditions were still great. However, we only skied a 4-hour ticket in the morning. By the time we left, the crowds were getting much bigger.
February 10, 2003
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My family and I were up on Sunday. Crowds were managable during the morning to lunch hour. After that, the lines really grew on the front side! Backside, as usual, had almost no lines at all for the day. The snow was great! Tons of powder (yes powder!) on the sides. Upper Ultra was particularly snowy on skier's right over the crest. This meant having to ski over the lip along the side, but the reward was tons and tons of soft, fluffy snow. The bumps on Upper Eastwind were hard, but managable. The bumps on Lower Eastwind were awesome! Lots to carve through. One side note, the troughs on skier's left were starting to show bare. Hopefully, Liberty management (or nature) covers these up with some snowmaking. My wife noted she can't remember the last time 100% of the area was open! It was fun skiing Strata top to bottom again.

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