Liberty wasn't bad this weekend!
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February 21, 2000
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conditions were slushy, but that's decent for boarders. All the runs were open, and there wern't any bare spots to mention.

2 hour wait in the rental shop????

Sounds as bad as Roundtop!

February 22, 2000
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Hey guys,

Hate waiting in line for rental skis at an area (i.e., Whitetail or Liberty)? There is a solution - rent your skis at a ski shop BEFORE you go up!! Takes a little planning, but beats a two hour wait in a rental line. Prices are usually better! There's even a better solution - buy skis. Especially this time of year, shops are going to start having all kinds of sales. If money is a problem, hit a ski swap. They occur like clockwork in the fall and this area seems to have more than its fair share of swaps with people trying to sell skis that have been used barely one season. Takes a little digging, but it can be worth it! One of the best swaps (shameless plug for Ski Liberty Ski Patrol warning) is the one at Ski Center around late October/early November.

February 23, 2000
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sorry JIM, I didn't mean to imply that there was any wait at the rental shop at LIBERTY!

I nor any of my friends have ever had to wait for equipment from the ski LIBERTY snowboard rental shop. it's a first class operation all the way. Equipment return is handled separately from checkout to avoid crowds.

I personaly have my own equipment now.


February 25, 2000
around my area (baltimore), there arent many ski shops to rent from, and the ones that do rent have worse prices than liberty. i hope to buy a snowboard soon

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