Are my skis too short?
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February 12, 2002
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I just bought a pair of Volant Machete skis online. They are 168cm and I'll be using them to ski pretty much everything including lots in the terrain park. I weigh 170 lbs. and am about 6'2". Do I need a longer ski? I'm an intermediate to advanced skier and am not sure on the length.
February 12, 2002
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For what you are doing I think you are fine. You will feel unstable at mach speeds but the volants are a little heavier so they'll absorb more crud than other skis. I have Volant McG's 183's and I love them. Good buy.

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February 13, 2002
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phatgreen - I agree with Lietmotiv. For what you want to do, the skis are fine. If you were planning on goin mach 2 down a super G course, you'd definitely want longer for more stability, but for farting around and playing in the parks, you're at the right size. Smaller generally means more maneuverable. In fact, the trend seems to be going towards shorter and shorter shaped skis.
February 13, 2002
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Wow...183's to a 168.

I'm on K2 Merlin's (188) and was going to go to Dynastar AutoDrive Carves (178). I'm 190 lbs. 6' and thought the 178's seemed short. Maybe they'd be just right (?).

February 19, 2002
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I'm a 5'5 gal weight 158. I tried 160s for the first time yesterday and had no problem with them. I'm thinking of buying my own skis, should I stick with 160s or buy 170s? I'm an intermediate skiier, did my first black diamond yesterday - Eye Opener at Wisp.


February 19, 2002
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Conventional wisdom about ski length has gone out the window. Your best bet is to follow the guidance of the staff at a good shop or look on the manufacturer's website.

Rich, for your weight and height, I wouldn't go shorter than 183 unless you are going to a shorty slalom.

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