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January 5, 2000
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Once I get back on my feet after a knee and back injury, I want to learn how to snowboard.

I used to ski when I was younger out in Colorado (copper mountain), but I stopped a few years ago.

What's a good way to go about it? I'll be living in the DC area shortly, and I don't really know where to begin!


January 5, 2000
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Hi Brittany,

I would strongly suggest taking some lessons. Snowboarding is quite different from skiing and requires a new skill set. A qualified instructor can have you up and going on the first day. That said, be prepared to fall often on your first outing. Remember that both feet are linked to the same board, so balance is more of an issue than with skiing. However, I believe the learning curve for snowboarding is quicker (overall) than with skiing.

Good luck and heal quickly!

January 5, 2000
They say, and I agree from experience, that a persons first day on skis is a whole lot easier than the first day on a snowboard. But if you stick with it you will be a much better rider than a skier after a months or so time.
My $.02


January 5, 2000
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I agree with Gill. Take a lesson and you'll probably be much better off in the long run. Some areas, like Ski Liberty, have excellent learn to ski/board programs with guarantees. Ski Liberty is also the closest area to D.C. Whitetail (also very nice) is about another fifteen minutes further than Liberty.

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