skiing for NYE within 6-ish hours
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December 26, 2009
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Anyone have ideas for somewhere to ski within about 6 hours for New Year's Eve? Magic in Vermont looks good, but anywhere close would be welcome for suggestions. Anywhere in southern New York? Will any of the WV options (Timberline, Snowshoe, etc) be worthwhile?

oldensign - DCSki Columnist
December 27, 2009
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Hunter. It will be crowed, but is always worth it.
JimK - DCSki Columnist
December 28, 2009
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Here's an old Catskills trip report:

Is WV and Western PA getting snow right now?!
December 30, 2009
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Did you lock in any where? I did a quick look at elk, Gore mountain, timberline, wisp and Snowshoe. I think Snoweshoe still hase best base and most terrain open and snow is falling. Timberline and Wisp seem to be in good shape as well with timberline leading in the new snow over last 2 hours. I think its a first that the midatlantic is leading east coast in the powder points I would find the resort with the remote open lift on decent terrain where you can get in runs and avoid the largest portion of crowds.
December 30, 2009
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Looks like (as long as we can find a hotel in the AM), we're headed to Windham for a day, and Bellayre for a day. I'll provide pictures and some semblance of a TR.

Here's hoping it's worth the drive!

(Magic will wait for later in the season...)

December 31, 2009
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Looking forward to report. Never been there.
December 31, 2009
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Windham will work for sure..solid mountain..& freshies on the way!
After Skiing Gore for the last few days I have nothing bad to say about it..Great Mountain(multiple peaks with runs I rate from blue Cruisers to black & blue Bruisers),Great views..Next year will be even better with a 4.5 mile 2500' vert run to link up with the North Creek Skibowl area(at the North Creek town center)..The wakening Giant on the East Coast!
bousquet19 - DCSki Supporter 
December 31, 2009
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Nice picks, scootertig.

I've been thinking about a Catskill trip myself this season, so I'll look forward to your report. JimK's from last (?) year really whetted my appetite! Made it to Windham and Plattekill en route b/w Massachusetts and home(long day). Let us know what you find out about accommodations on short notice, too.

Hope you have a great time!

December 31, 2009
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Catskill Ski Resorts
  • Belleayre Mountain- Great family ski area with high quality snowmaking and grooming with a lot of intermediate trails. Added plus is a number of double diamond trails are never groomed for great mogul skiing. Trails are not crowded. Lift lines are less crowded than Hunter and Windham.
  • Hunter Mountain - Excellent snowmaking and expert trails.
  • Plattekill Mountain - Zero to No crowds. Not a lot of snowmaking but they are improving snowmaking a lot this year. Excellent glades and expert slopes. Ski anywhere and do your own thing kind of mountain.
  • Windham Mountain - similar to Hunter but more intermediate trails.

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