A Long Range Winter Forecast we can love
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October 7, 2009
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Accuweather says it so it must be true!

Hopefully this forcast is close to correct predicts colder than normal with up to 200% more precip.
October 7, 2009
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Now that's a forecast I can live with or should I say ski with!

Extra cold some the snow guns can run none stop and twice the pricip for extra cover. Hopefully, we will not have the 60 degree spikes in Jan, Feb and Mar like last year.
October 7, 2009
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Checking out what Elkins will receive bodes well for most of the Apps. We would see 200+ in the valley. For the prediction of 31+ for Washington National, it means those places in the foothills of VA could see 60+ this year. I want cold, snow, and many pow-pow days. grin

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