Anyone else @ Wisp this AM? 2/23
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February 23, 2009
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After watching the weather all weekend and reading the BKGTG threads here and @ Epic I was jonesin' for some turns so I got up early and made the 45 minute drive to Wisp for a fun morning.

It was pretty sweet. Got first tracks on Mainstreet which had about 6-8 inches on it. Stayed over there for a while before making the mistake of heading to the North Camp area which was windblown boiler plate (I only hit Over the Edge before heading back to the main mountain). Ace's looked OK but was tracked out and that side was crazy windy so I just headed back to the main mountain w/out checking it or Whipsaw out.

By 1pm everything was quite tracked out and cruddy and most of Mainstreet had been scraped down to hardest ice, no hardpack to be found underneath the freshies. Odin's Chute, Eye Opener, and Highline Pass were all closed but I poached Odin's as my last run besides the ride back down Muskrat and Boulder to the car. There was an easy foot on the drop of Odin's but once you got to the flat it was serious coral reef type ice, nasty stuff w/ a few inches of manmade on top of it. I didnt mind heading for home @ 1pm when my morning pass was up.

Anyone else hit Wisp this morning?
February 23, 2009
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Skied Wisp for the first time on yesterday (Sunday) using my free ticket that came with my HV Season Pass. Cold and windy but about 2-4 inches of fresh snow. Started with a run down squirrel cage as made the mistake of getting off the Beginner lift at mid-station. Went back up - to the top this time- and made my way over to lift 7 and did all the runs over there before heading to lift 5 & 4. Finished up doing some of the 'middle' blues.

Definitely liked many of the runs at Wisp but, honestly, was way disappointed that many/most slopes were hard ice underneath the few inches of fresh snow which was quickly getting skied/blown off. Chatted with a few Wisp regulars who were ecstatic over the fresh snow but seemed to suggest that the ice beneath was the norm (Somebody tell me it ain't so. I probably will return to Wisp regardless but had anticipated that their grooming would generally be better).

I have to say that I was also somewhat surprised by the condition of the lifts, i.e., definitely in need of sandpaper and paint, for what I had perceived to be an 'upscale' midatlantic resort.
February 24, 2009
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I bet it was sweet. I thought about skiing yesterday, but I had already skied Friday & Sunday and I was needed at home.

Skied WISP on Friday after Thursday's snow. The groomed trails were hardpacked, but my usual drift lines were deep. Had to ski some serious boilerplate to get to them thou. First six runs down were sweet. I was giggling to myself thinking that everyone else was skiing boilerplate, while I was skiing pow.

Based on your reports, you didn't get into my stashes. Might have to head up Wednesday am before it gets warm. Wednesday's are Locals Day at WISP ($21 tickets, because everyone's a local).

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