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October 28, 2001
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Is there going to be a "ski show" in the Washington area this year? The last few years the show has been held at Ballston Commons Shopping Center.
Any show in Baltimore or Baltimore?
Thanks for any additional info.
Scott - DCSki Editor
October 29, 2001
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Yes, the D.C. National Ski Expo is scheduled for Nov. 9-11 at a new location: the Capital Expo Center. I will be publishing an article about this soon, or, for more information, go to http://www.nationalskiexpo.com/.

- Scott

JimK - DCSki Columnist
October 29, 2001
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I was wondering what happened to the Ballston Ski show. Thought maybe security concerns caused cancellation? I often attend that one and they usually hold it on a weekend in early Nov.
Scott - DCSki Editor
October 29, 2001
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I just posted an article describing the National Ski and Snowboard Expo:


Thanks for the reminder.

- Scott

lbotta - DCSki Supporter 
October 30, 2001
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I think it's a shame that besides charging $5.00 for entrance, they have moved the expo to "West Jesus" or what some may consider the end of the world, as far away from Metro as possible. For the urban crowd with no transport, little chance of them showing up. It's incongruent that at a time where we should be encouraging the conservation of natural resources, the expo makes it necessary to waste zillions of gallons of gas. A bit fuelish.
October 30, 2001
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I agree with Lou. Having the Expo so far from metro only serves to foster the image that skiing and boarding are for an elite group of people that drive their cars to everything. Charging admission is also a crock. This is, afterall, the ski industries chance to promote SALES!! The purpose of the shows, displays, and exhibits are all to get people to spend spend spend on equipment, lift tickets, trips, etc. Requiring folks to pay $5.00 just to be subject to sales pitches is right up there with commercials at movie theatres. Because of the distant location and admission fee, there will be one less dedicated DCSki reader going.
November 1, 2001
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Got to agree. This is like paying to get on a used car lot or paying for an all-commercial cable station. Shouldn't it be the vendors/advertisers that bankroll the exhibit?

Two words - too far!

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