Seven Springs - awesome conditions!
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January 15, 2009
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Wow! Got a buddy at 7S and he said this week they got dumped on. Something like a foot or more of natural and they have been making on top of it. Snow report from 7S screams awesome. Even claims Utah Powder. Anyone else coming up?
January 15, 2009
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Just got a call from the SS slopes and it is a Utah powder day! Very COLD but light winds and lots of powder. Plus hardly anybody there. Definently the best so far this season!

Born to SKI forced to WORK!
January 15, 2009
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"Born to SKI forced to WORK!"

Hey that's a good one. someone probably gonna grab that up for siggy line.
January 15, 2009
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Just came in from several hours on the slopes at HV and can assure you, from personal experience, the conditions in the laurels are spectacular. Looked out the window this morning to about 12+ inches of pure 'fluff' on the bench in my back yard and found it on the slopes as well. Plus, blue skies and no wind and it was a beautiful day despite the readings on the thermometer. HV was making snow on Stingray and the North slopes (didn't go over) and I suspect everything will be open for this weekend.
January 15, 2009
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I can tell you personally that conditions at 7 Springs were awesome today (Thursday). 12+ inches and sunshine to boot! And as a bonus, it was one of the smallest "crowds" I have seen on a weekday in a few years. Amazing....
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