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November 18, 2008
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I just received an email update from Timberline touting several improvements including their new web-site and soon-to-open slope-side hotel. But the kickers are expanded glade skiing - over 7 acres pruned and cleaned-out (thanks JR) and (drumroll please....) night skiing on White Lightning.

Regarding the glade skiing:

"December 2008 marks the opening of a significantly improved and expanded glade skiing area encompassing 7.5 acres. Intermediate and advanced slopes with an abundance of natural snow fall contribute to making the five separate areas the best glade skiing of the Mid-Atlantic. Beautiful stands of hardwood trees that are pruned and cleared provide an ideal environment for glade skiing. Three of these glades, Pearly Glades, Little Pearly Glades, and Glade Runner, are centrally located in the ski area and in this position receive considerable blow-over from snow making. In addition- the natural snow that accumulates combines with snow making efforts to yield glade skiing over an extended season. "

I'll bet the 2 new areas are part of the new MTB trail system. Probably, between the Drop and Off-the-Wall (Doc's Revenge') and between Twister and Dew Drop (Twister's Sister). Anyone (Kim??) with up to date G2?

November 19, 2008
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I'll check with the "powers" my next venture up there. Maybe before. If J.R. is lurking, he could clarify. wink
November 19, 2008
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Cool! I wonder if they will update their trail map to show where these gladed areas are.
November 19, 2008
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Pearly Glades and Glade Runner are already on the map - Glade Runner between White Lightning and Thunderdraft near the midstation and Pearly Glades between Good Intentions and Lower Dew Drop. I'm not sure where Little Pearly Glades is - maybe one of the 'old timers' can tell us. Is that the small glade at the bottom of Upper Heaven and Upper Dew Drop?

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