Need a good ski shop in Richmond or Williamsburg?
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oldensign - DCSki Columnist
November 15, 2008
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I am in need a good ski shop in Richmond or Williamsburg?
I need my "rock" ski's redrill to fit my new HUGE boots. Thus need a place that would have a big jig.

November 15, 2008
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The Ski Center

Steve is the owner and you will not find a better shop in all of the mid atlantic!

Go check them and out and if you don't have a great experience, you can come back here and let everyone know I have no idea what I am talking about. How's that for a guarantee!
The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
November 15, 2008
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Can you help out fellow DCSkier oldensign? Name of a good ski shop in Richmond or Williamsburg with a large jig.
The Colonel smile
November 15, 2008
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You could try Ski World in Newport News. It's been about 12+ years since I had any work done there, and they have changed ownership a couple time since then, so I have no idea how good they are. Though many of my coworkers go there for tunes, etc and I haven't heard complaints. If you don't mind the drive, I would take Brian's advice and check out Ski Center in Richmond, since he gives it a good recommendation.

Make sure whatever shop you choose sells that brand of binding, else they may not have the right jig. And of course, make sure the bindings are still indemnified (say less than 5-6 years old) or they might not touch them at all.

I have templates to mount Tyrolia (also Head and Fischer) and newer Salomons if it's any help, though I don't offer a warranty for my work! And you'd still probably want to get the bindings release-checked with your new boots by a shop. My version of release checking involves wrecking it on a quadruple double diamond and making sure the skis stay *ON*.

December 4, 2008
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I took my skis to The Ski Center for a tune and went to pick them up two days after the promise date and they hadn't even started them (this was in the spring). I don't know what the problem was but I took them back. I've never tried Peter Glenn.

I live halfway between Richmond and DC, so when I need work done I tend to go north.
December 4, 2008
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Clay, If you still need em tuned up we can do em this weekend in our secret tuning place wink I gotta do mine anyway.
December 4, 2008
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Thanks Kim. That was many moons and many hundreds of dollars in tuning equipment ago... laugh
December 15, 2008
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Not in Richmond or Williamsburg, but Pro-Fit in Leesburg is a great shop.

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