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July 14, 2001
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Is anybody else suffering withdrawal from skiing?
I can't stand it!!!!!!!
July 15, 2001
LOL - just yesterday I took my jacket out of the closet and put it on for a while. Summer has never seemed this long.
johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
July 18, 2001
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Every day, before I go to work, I look at my Volkl G-31s, and sigh... Only 4 and half months to go...
Scott - DCSki Editor
July 22, 2001
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I'm glad to see I'm not the only one! My K2 Fours are propped up in my exercise room and often when I walk by I hit them.

Why do I hit them? Because they have the cool anti-vibration technology and little red LED's that light up when there's vibration. I like to hit them just to make sure the anti-vibration gizmo is still functioning, and it's neat to see the lights flash. (Do their new skis still have the lights?)

But, I would hasten to add that I have never preceded hitting them by putting on my winter jacket. (At least not during the summer. Maybe during the fall.)

- Scott

July 25, 2001
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Omigosh, omigosh - I'm NOT totally wacked!! Or at the very least, I'm not the ONLY one. I SO NEED to ski. Same thing happens EVERY year. Come March, with the last hurrah out west, I figure I'm satiated. Of course, come JULY - the major withdrawal symptoms start (putting on winter jackets in 90 degree weather for instance). Maybe we should start a support group? Invest in R&D for warm weather snow?


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July 27, 2001
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You are not alone and you are not abnormal. The people who like warm weather are FREAKS.

It is almost August. August is pre-season clearance sale month. That means next season is just around the corner...

We are over the hump.

I am willing to start a PSSD support group, but that is really a late spring/early summer syndrome.

(PSSD=Post Ski Season Depression)

July 30, 2001
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I've been trying to stay inside with the air condition full blast and blowing on me. I tried dropping water in the cold air stream to make snow but it's just not working.

On the flip side, I'm already preparing to help offset next year's PSSD. I'm saving now for a trip to Chile to ski. If I'm lucky, I won't be able to leave next year until there's snow here.

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