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February 28, 2008
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So I was taking a look at the results of the DCSki resort survey for this year. I'm going to Timberline for the first time next weekend and I noticed that it was rated fairly low in the "Best Resorts for Snowboarders" category. I was just wondering what everyone's idea of a good snowboarding resort is since it's fairly subjective. Some might consider a lack luster terrain park a negative for a resort but I usually skip the terrain park and would much rather enjoy carving the mountain. I don't have an over whelming desire to catch any "air".

What I consider a major negative for a resort from a snowboarder's perspective are cross / connecting trails that are narrow and don't have a steep enough slope (or even go uphill briefly) so that if you have to stop because people are blocking the way and lose momentum you have to snap a foot out of it's bindings to push yourself along (very frustrating and obviously not an issue for skiers with poles).

So I guess what I'm asking is what attributes did people consider when voting and why is Timberline not so great for snowboarders?
February 28, 2008
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Just stay clear of Salamander, the rest of the trails at Timberline are steep and wide(and nowhere near as crowded).
February 28, 2008
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Salamander is the best beginner's run in the region.

Noop, there are no flat runouts, so Tline should fit the bill.

I also don't care much about park, but I suppose a good park is what makes a hill rate well for snowboarding. I wish there were more halfpipes that actually get opened, but I ski halfpipe, I don't snowboard there. Stuff like benches to sit on while strapping in and tools chained to outdoor work benches should help a resort's ratings in the snowboarding category.

Most snowboarders seem to have a healthy disdain for safety bars, but chairs with footrests are a big plus for me when I'm snowboarding.
February 29, 2008
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Thanks for the info. Guess there's not too many snowboarders on

Maybe they can register an alias domain, I suggest "" Okay I didn't say it was a good suggestion \:\)

I'm looking forward to the trip. Hopefully the snow will keep coming into next week.

Cheers and Happy Trails...
February 29, 2008
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[quote=RodSmith]Salamander is the best beginner's run in the region.

Rod, not sure I agree. I think Wisp also has some nice long slopes that are good for beginners AND stay open till 9:00PM. The other aspect is that Saly is about the ONLY beginner run at T-line except the really small bunny slope. Also, while Saly is one of the first trails they work to get open, the rest of the mountain takes longer forcing better skiers (think faster) among the beginners. Nothing chills the heart of a beginner like the scrape, scrape sound of a snowboarder coming up behind you.

I've been more impressed with Snowshoe because of the variety of beginner slopes that allow you to try steeper terrain in small doses. I'm just happy we have so many choices.

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