Blue Slopes at Whitetail
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February 17, 2008
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What's the easiest Blue (intermediate) slope from the top of Whitetail? And what would that slope be comparable to (in steepness) at Liberty?
February 17, 2008
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I would say Limelight; however, I think Homerun is flatter than Limelight, but the upper part of Angel Drop I believe is a little steeper than the beginning of Limelight. I've never been to Liberty, so I can't give any comparisons.
February 18, 2008
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Ridge Runner ;\)

Mid week the answer for "easiest Blue" is Upper Angle to Home Run.

Crowded answer is much more difficult . . . the initial drop on Limelight and Snowdancer can be daunting for a new blue skier on cold (all ice) and warm days (piles of snow everywhere with no easy path) and the Upper Angel is packed. Here is my opinion:
Warm Days - go Limelight (more consistent slope all the way down).
Cold Days - Snowdancer (least ice and crowds)
Fanciful - never open
Low Crowds - Upper Angel
February 20, 2008
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Thank you appskiah and wojo. I'll try out your suggestions.
JimK - DCSki Columnist
February 20, 2008
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wojo has it covered. On quiet day Angel Drop to Snowboard Park is good too. All the runs from top of the express chair are fairly close in difficulty. Comparing to Liberty, I'd say they are a little steeper (and longer) than Heavenly, but not as steep as Upper Ultra/Eastwind/Strata. And in recent years they never let any grow permanent bumps. Skiing on an early morning after fresh grooming would be to your advantage on all of them.
February 20, 2008
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All of the blue runs off the top of Whitetail are very close to the same level of difficulty, but on average Angel Drop is slightly easier because it covers the same vertical drop over a longer distance and usually has the same or wider usable trail width than Limelight, Snow Dancer, Fanciful and Home Run.

The steepness on Angel Drop varies from 16-20 degrees until the Home Run split. Just after that there is a short 25 degree section. The last pitch out of the terrain park is also 25 degrees. The flats in Jib Junction range from 6-10 degrees. I have not measured the other blue trails, but my guess is that they are more consistently closer to 20 degrees except for Fanciful which at the botttom has a 25 degree pitch followed by a flat run out.
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