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January 16, 2001
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When do I become a full Jedi knight?
Scott - DCSki Editor
January 16, 2001
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<Chuckle.> I have no idea.

(Oh, wait, he thinks to himself: I can't let the readers think that I'm ignorant about something like that. After all, I have their trust and confidence. It could be shattered by such an admission. What kind of Editor would I be? Admitting that I don't know? It's *my job* to know!)

I mean, the DCSki Message Forum uses a very sophisticated algorithm to determine when you're ready to advance to the "next level." It weighs such factors as the quality of your posts, the quantity, how helpful your posts were to other people, how many people your posts offended, how many puns were in your posts, and of course whether your posts adhered to the New York Times Manual of Style and Usage.

Or, when this sophisticated, patent-pending algorithm is "out of order" (which it always has been), the Message Forum automatically changes your status to "Member" when you've reached a magic number of 31 posts, a default that I evidently never changed. (Looking at it now, I see I can substitute other names for "Junior Member" and "Member," such as, hmm.. "Bunny sloper"? Nah, maybe not.)

I don't think "Members" get any special perks, just the unending admiration of all DCSki readers.

(Now, "Administrators" - well, that's a different story entirely.)

- Scott

January 17, 2001
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Patience young Padawan. Becoming a Jedi Knight takes patience, years of training, and discipline - that or a set number of posts, whichever comes first! How many? Don't know - have to ask Scott.
January 17, 2001
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nice responce scott...gave me some laughs

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