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January 13, 2004
The week before christmas I flew to Jackson Hole(i had a great time!) and used expedia to book my flights. I ran into a problem when I had to change the date of my flight, it would not let me do it over the internet and said I had to call. So I did the operator cancelled my orginial flight and told me to go online book my new flight then call back to verify that I was not getting charged for both flights. All of which I did. Yesterday I receieved my credit card bill and to my dismay I had been charged for both flights! To top it off they refuse to refund my money and claim its my thought I got charged twice, when all I did was do what they told me. Therefore I am encouraging everyone to boycott there service. If you want to you can go to https://www.expedia.com/pub/agent.dll?qscr=fbak&&zz=1074028322927&&&zz=1074028323358 to tell them you wont' be using there service. They will respond with some bull$#@% stock answer that doesnt' acknowledge your comments directly.
January 14, 2004
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Actually I have used Expedia for virtually all my business & pleasure travel in the last 3 yrs and generally had good service. BUT i have had exactly the same (sort of) issue, and it is annoying (at best) it seems to try to work it out with them. Try Orbitz and some of the others next time -- a little competition goes a long way, maybe? The way I remember it -- they were more liberal with their refund/no-refund policy when they first started and the staff were friendly and cheerful... Alas...
I had a SIMILIAR issue 2 yrs ago flying to Eagle/Vail, although with UNITED only. I arrived in Denver airport from BWI before noon to light snow. Within 1 hour all flights out were stopped, including my puddle jumping connecting flight to Eagle. United seemed to care NOT ONE WHIT about the stranded passengers... Eventually I ended up on a bus service which got us through no problem. Meanwhile I WANTED/DESERVED that portion of my flight NOT USED refunded. The local united counter (pre-bus) said I had to talk customer service who promptly said I had to write a letter to the refund department... UGH. SO I did this when I got home and about 1 yr went by it seemed (not sure really but it was a LONG time), and I finally got a response back which said my refund had been denied because the flight had actually taken place... WHAT? I was pretty dang pissed off and voughed never to fly them again! Which I now realize I completely forgot about when I booked a flight this summer to Europe on United out Dulles because they were a) cheap, and b) NON-STOP. I am a sucker I guess. Actually the flight was great -- a spiffy 777, and the flight crew top notch. Even though I was in the cattle pens, I thought the service overall was perhaps the best I have ever received ... Um, I am rambling BUT I am agreeing with your plight! You are definitely gambling a bit with travel services at all levels... strange things can happen too. Once my luggage SOMEHOW magically made it to my destination a DAY AHEAD OF ME, after a flight got canceled and I ended up on another flight that meant I missed my connecting flight to my final destination -- the LAST FLIGHT TO IT for the day. And I had the FIRST flight out the next day -- and my luggage was there already at the final airport waiting for me!!! I have NEVER quite been able to figure out how this happened.

January 15, 2004
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And the airlines wonder why they are losing money!! One avenue of recourse you gentlemen may have overlooked is through your credit card companies. The big three (Visa, MC, Amex) all have a charge challenge policy. Although the specifics of each is different, the general outline is that most cards will let you challenge an inappropriate charge, if you challenge within a reasonable amount of time (usually no more than 90 days from the charge, although that can be flexible). Of course, you first have to try to work it out with the merchant on your own. If that fails, you can go to the issuing bank or credit card company (if Discover or Amex). If you have proper documentation that the charges were inappropriate, then the credit card bank (or company) can issue a "charge back" to the merchant. This means you will get your money back and the credit card company acts as the collector by simply taking the money from the merchant. The key is proving to the bank's (or card company's) satisfaction that the charge was inappropriate.

Although I am no expert, I would think being charged twice for flights on the same day with your name on both tickets would count (unless the airline could prove you were in two places at the same time!). Documents to prove this to the bank could include the confirmation receipt from the airline or travel agent for both tickets and boarding passes that show you were on one flight (hence precluding your ability to be on another), as well as the details of your calls with the merchant telling you what to do to resolve or remedy the situation (names, dates of calls, summary of conversation, etc.).

Unfortunately, I've had to do this with a less-than-scrupulous merchant that sold me a defective product and wouldn't give me a full refund (despite violations of the Moss-Magneson Act and the Uniform Commercial Code). So the system works. Good luck!

January 15, 2004
I'm in the process of doing this, however my problem with this is documentation. Right now its my word against the phone operator who according to their documentation told me to save my new itinerary and call back. I distinctly remember being told to book my new itinerary and call back. They claim they document all of their phone calls and have no record of my return phone call. I have contacted the phone company to see if I could get a copy of phone calls I placed on that day, but since 1-800 number calls are free they said they dont' keep records of them.
On top of this I have been repeatedly e-mailing expedia regarding my situation, at first they said I had one year credit with them for my extra flight charge, but now they wont' even give me that! I have also repeatedly ask them why would I ever want to use their service again or recommend them to anyone. To this they have refused to respond... So much for the days of customer service.
January 16, 2004
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That's an idea I didn't follow... One problem though is that I bought the tickets weeks in advance online from either travelocity or expedia.
When the last leg was cancelled at Denver one thing I recall them saying is "well we don't know how much that leg costs, so you'll have to ask the refund office and they will get a value..."

So it's all -- well, BS, is about all I can say... I am sure each leg cost does depend a bit BUT it's a game they play, I think that is obvious. Even if they REFUND you eventually, the amount is going to be, well, what they determine. PLUS they get to keep YOUR money for SERVICE NOT RENDERED and get some INTEREST on it -- which they do NOT RETURN TO YOU.

In the end, I try to fly Southwest when I can. There are MANY THING I DO NOT like about SW. However their service has always been impeccable and I never had any issues -- in fact the opposite. Once I called to change a flight at the last minute, expecting a charge, and they did the oppossite, they got me a special and charged me for LESS...

Now go figure!

About the ONLY good thing you can say about the air travel market is there are lots of choices usually, so you can still vote with your dollar.

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