House members needed for 7 Springs.
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October 1, 2007
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We are looking for 6 to 7 more people to join our "ski house" for the '07-'08 season. I should say it's actually a ski in, ski out condo located in Meadow Ridge. This will be the 10th year this group has rented the condo and my 3rd as a member.

It's $800 for a full share membership and we have the condo from December 1st to April 1st. This is a great way to meet people. We are shooting for a total of 18 to 19 members. Now that doesn't mean that everyone shows up every weekend, but you could if you wanted. On average I would say that 10 to 12 people show up. However, on holiday weekends the house can fill up. We usually send out an e-vite every week so everyone has an idea of who is coming and to arrange car pools. Beds are on a "first come, first served" basis and members have priority over guests.

This is a really a good group of people and we have tons of fun. You should probably know quiet hours are from 3am to 10am. I would say the age range of the group is from the mid 20s to early 40s and the M/F ratio is pretty much even.

If your interested PM me or if you have questions please post and I'll try to answer them.

October 6, 2007
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Bump to the top.
October 8, 2007
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No takers? You need to hit up the Dewey Beach crowd. The same people who rent group houses at Dewey, rent houses at 7 Springs. I had friends that did the Dewey/7-springs deal for many years. I always had a blast whenever I went up and stayed with them.
October 9, 2007
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Is that $800 per year, or just a one-time. If 7 springs was not so darn far away, plus that I am already committed to the ski patrol, I'd may have considered it.

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