Will the REAL Timberline resort realty stand up!
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September 24, 2007
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I see that the "other" timberline Resort Realty is now advertising on DC Ski. The one with what appears to be a new logo is the one not associated with the mountain. The real or original Timberline Resort Realty is still owned and operated by the owners of T-line. If you become confused by this, join the club. The story behind all this makes me leary of some business people associated with it. I would go into it but since there is pending litigation I won't. Just to make people aware of what's going on and who the "real" Timberline Resort Realty is.
Scott - DCSki Editor
September 24, 2007
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The Timberline Resort Realty that is advertising on DCSki right now is the same one that has been advertising here since 2004. Here is my understanding of what happened: Originally, Timberline Resort Realty, brokered by Pat Herlan, had an association with Timberline Resort. However, recently, Dr. Reichle (owner of Timberline) decided to form his own real estate office and bring it "in house," with Kim Landis serving as the broker. The original Timberline Resort Realty has moved to a new location (and has a new logo) but is still in operation.

So there is a "new" Timberline Four Seasons Realty associated with the resort. The original Timberline Resort Realty continues to be in operation with the same staff (independent of the new effort), except it is no longer associated with the resort and has changed locations.

Hmm... Does that clear it up? I may only be confusing things further. \:\)

Here's a cheat sheet:

(1) Timberline Resort Realty, Inc. (http://www.timberlinerealty.com/)

- Brokered by Pat Herlan
- Originally had association with Timberline Resort, but now a standalone operation
- Same staff, but new location in the Blackwater Center
- Advertiser on DCSki since 2004

(2) Timberline Four Seasons Realty (http://www.t4sr.com/)

- A real estate office formed by Dr. Reichle
- Brokered by Kim Landis
- Associated with the resort

I am not sure if Timberline Four Seasons Realty existed prior to this or was just created. I also don't know any details behind these changes. Again, this is my understanding of what happened.
September 24, 2007
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And to make it more confusing, once the new building is finished, they will be right next door to each other.

September 24, 2007
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Scott, I think the story differs according to whom you speak with, and at which reality. You have the new t-line resort realty story. The original t-line resort realty, as you correctly stated is being operated by Landis but tells a different story. Pat Herlan with the new t-line realty is in no way associated with timberline four season resort, although she and the entire staff was at one time. Actually, I don't believe that the split was the owner's decision. It was more or less an, ahem ....hostile take over. I believe that it comes down to the lucrative $$$ earned by management companies. Then again, piracy is nothing new to most resort areas.

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