Moving to Logan, UT
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July 3, 2007
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Its official. Still looking for a house. And Madeline and I are still torn between a season pass at either Snowbasin or Powmow.
July 3, 2007
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awesome, congrats man! just make sure to get a house with a guest bedroom :P

 Originally Posted By: tromano
Madeline and I are still torn between a season pass at either Snowbasin or Powmow.

thats a problem we would all love to have \:\)
July 4, 2007
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Will you be in Logan the week Dec. 22-29?

The family and I will be staying in Eden that week. Hopefully, you'll get a bunch of skiing in before then and you can give me some tips on both PM & SB.
July 4, 2007
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dude! that's so great! sorry our paths won't cross - everything in the condo here is boxed up and we load up on the 13th. but i'll be baaaaaak!

oh, me i like snowbasin !!!
July 4, 2007
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I am moving out to Logan in like 2 weeks. The new job wants me to start asap.

After checking thing out with some locals on TGR and epic,I have some good info on Logan. Logan is in the cache valley which is sealed off from SLC and Ogden. I heard it can be difficult to get out of the valley during a big storm cycle. The local hill is actually a place called beaver mtn which is like 20-30 miles up the valley toward Idaho. Its small by UT standards, about 1800" vertical, just a few slow lifts. Its around 30 degrees in bounds. People are telling me its a great local hill and good place for an east coaster to learn to ski pow. I hear the terrian is pretty good, nice trees, no crowds. Also it has nice back country access and a good local vibe. The parking lot is an open tail gate as there is no bar. Its 45 minutes closer than Snowbasin and an hour closer than powmow. We will save the cash for day tickets to bigger resorts further south. Jackson Hole is 3.5 hours away.
JimK - DCSki Columnist
July 5, 2007
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Focus on Beaver Mtn, w/ some occasional trips to bigger places sounds real good to me. I think I remember reading that Beaver is or was run for many years by one family, including a legendary patriarch type character. They might have been a Mormon family?
Besides all the great areas in SLC region, looks like you're also a straight shot up highway 89 to Jackson Hole. Wow.
July 5, 2007
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It's a nice area 'cept for all the dang fereigners moving in... then there's that crazy bar with the dollar bills glued to the ceiling.
johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
July 5, 2007
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Congrats. I have a good friend who lives in Logan and swears by The Beav. I think your plan to buy season passes there and buy day tickets at other places is a good one.

PS My attitude these days is to hit smaller, less commercial mountains. Next time I am at Killington, I will ski Pico. If I go to NH, I'll ski Wildcat. You get the idea.
July 9, 2007
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Tim, I do love PowMow. You will be in Powstash's neck of the woods. He is good people.
July 15, 2007
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Jackson Hole is 3.5 hours away.

Lots of Utah folks I've talked to on lifts do short trips up to Targhee when a dump is predicted. Apparently there are some really great lodging deals up there. Not the same terrain as Jackson, but plenty of elbow room and freshies.

Sorry I missed you last Tuesday. Hockey game ended way late. Wouldn't have made it to DC until 10 and I was pretty whooped from the heat.
July 20, 2007
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the beav. that is where i learned to ski. its been awhile.

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