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The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
March 22, 2007
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Snowy Luau at Timberline was the best ski experience I had this year. I met and skied with a number of DCSkiers, much better than skiing alone as I have for my previous 13 days of skiing since mid-January. And the "big boys" from DCSki pushed me to what I believe was the best and most adventuresome skiing I have done all year...glades, bumps, NASTAR (bronze, new skis not quite as fast as Volant PowerKarves, or am I just getting a bit "less young"), whales, powder, cut up snow, hard pack, fast, slow, etc. I enjoyed every minute of it! I skied with Jimmy, Clay, Kwillg6, and SkiBumMSP, met Denis and the lovely Ms Jimmy. Conversed with DCSki folks at the TL Base Lodge and at Canaan Lodge hotel. The atmosphere for the weekend was electric with fresh snow, lots of fun events both on and off the slopes, challenging terrain, etc. I actually skied (as opposed to survived) the Drop on Sunday and made it down in one piece despite a large number of water mammals trying to swallow me whole. The trip out on Friday was remarkably uneventful despite the constant snowfall (both the VA and WV road crews did a great job keeping the road clear). Had a close encounter with a senior law enforcement officer in Moorefield, but he only issued me a warning for a "moving stop" coming out of the Wal-Mart lot. Trip home Sunday evening was also in a heavy flurry between Moorefield and Wardensville. Brad, where exactly do you live? You mention the Lost River and the attempt to place a dam on your property. By the way, I found the Lost River (three times, each way). Back to the Snowy Luau...insane that the bonfire was delayed over an hour since two cars parked within several feet of the obvious pile of wood, and guess the Hawaiian drummers were not too keen on playing and having their instruments in a blizzard. Enjoyed hearing whistles and remarks from the ladies in the audience for the Hawaiian show, after some of the males in the audience whistled and called out to the hula girls...oh, did I mention that the hula girls were followed by about 10 Hawaiian male dancers?! Fireworks always lovely over the snowscape. And the Lava Flow (aka Torch Parade) was the best I have ever seen, probably because of the large number of participants, carrying two torches, spread out for quite a distance on the mountain. Was especially lovely on the lower part of the mountain, with the lava snaking over several slopes simultaneously before joining again at the bottom in front of the lodge. To all I met and skied with, thanks. To those I missed skiing with, Denis, etc., NEXT TIME for sure!
Here are pictures showing some of the fun. ENJOY and I hope to see more DCSkiers next year.
The Colonel
LINK to PICTURES;conn_speed=1
The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
March 22, 2007
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3,110 posts link works.
The Colonel
March 22, 2007
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great pics, thanks for sharing Colonel! No wonder I didnt see the sign, I never road that other lift up cause the line on that one is longer for some reason... guess ill have to wait till next season to ski with you guys. (unless anyone else is gonna be at Alta/Bird next weekend)
March 22, 2007
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Awesome pics!!! I hate it that I couldn't be there. Maybe next year....
March 22, 2007
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Great pictures; I hope I can meet up with you folks next year.

March 23, 2007
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I had an awesome time that weekend and was truly a pleasure to get to ski with you! If you ever want to join up for another ski trip, just let met know!

I've seen most of those pictures and got copies from you, but there were a few on there that I did not see and thought were really cool, such as that shot of the ice and snow covered trees! Of course, I had to snag a copy of that picture of myself from the photo gallery and save it to my own computer (actually my image repository on my server)!

That was easily the best and most coolest ski trip I had all this season, probably one of the best ones overall.

After just one weekend at Timberline, I am already in love with the place and will definitely have to go up there again.
March 23, 2007
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Fantastic pics Colonel. Thank you
March 23, 2007
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Darn! It always happens....they come, they ski, they stay! As a good friend of mine once said, " the world has discovered our "groovy lil' ski area." T-line and the locals/regulars are the reason I make the 3 hour drive most winter weekends. It's a skier's mountain, and outside of the weekend groups of boy/girl scouts, t-line usually has some of the best skiers/boarders carving turns, riding whales, and getting pow-pow in the trees. (not to mention the tele and nordic back country options)
JimK - DCSki Columnist
March 23, 2007
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Dang good stuff. I put one pic as my desktop background for the day.
Every year come these reports of surprisingly good March skiing at T-Line, Canaan and Snowshoe. New snow coinciding with the Hawaiian party action on St. Paddy's Day seems like an insane overload of fun. Being west of the Allegheny Front definitely brings some nice late season bonuses for the hard working powder freaks of WV.
March 23, 2007
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Great Pic's.. I wish I had known it was you guys. I was skiing along side of many of you all weekend. Did a few Glade runs with several of you...

What a great way to end the season...
March 24, 2007
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Great pictures.

I am actually in three of your pictures. The picture of me skiing away. There is a picture of me and my son sitting on the hill while we watched them pour 10gals. of diesel fuel on the fire. Actually, it's just our legs in the picture. In one of the last pictures on the slide show, there is a picture of my son and his friends on the lift and I'm a couple of chairs behind them.

It's a small world.

March 24, 2007
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Last Sunday there was a frostbite warning at TL & a foot of new snow...been in shorts & T-shirts all week & now its 84 degrees at my house overlooking Masonboro Island,NC. I didn't have to fly anywhere..This is why I don't live in Utah...East Coast Rules

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