Soooo, Silver Streak?
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February 12, 2007
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Spent most of Friday afternoon skiing the trail formerly known as Upper Silver Streak. It's ungroomed, soft and moderately bumped up.

I'm wondering, those of you who have skied it this year, what you think about the changes to White Lightning as well as the trail formerly known as Upper Silver Streak?
February 12, 2007
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I was at Tline all weekend, so got to see the SARA championships on the newly widened White Lightning. It is a good racing trail, no doubt, and in my book that's a positive. It also seems to draw traffic (being so wide open), which is a positive in terms of de-crowding other trails. And I actually kinda like the way they've left the old Streak ungroomed and allowed to bump up a bit. Two trails in one, in a way. This configuration is not that uncommon at other resorts these days. But visually, the widened trail is less appealing to me, and it certainly has less character, than the old two trails.

I'm also wondering what the h*** Tline is thinking about with the whales on The Drop and OTW. They pretty much dominate both trails at present. If I wanted a terrain park, I would head over to the lower mountain. What is the thinking here?
February 12, 2007
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I skied it a couple of times on Friday. They pretty much ruinned SS by cutting down the trees. The trees kept the newbies off of it. I hope Tline got a bunch of $ for the trees, because that is the only benefit I saw to cutting them down.

Jimmy, Were you on tele skis on Friday?
February 12, 2007
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Norsk, since u brought up the whales , I didn't make it to the Drop or OTW until Sunday. I skied into the drop and stopped on top of the first one to get my bearings and considered taking off my skis and walking back out . Those things were HUGE, maybe 30' high on the sides. Tried to ski the whales instead of the line down the right side and the hard snow just wore me out; one run and done.

OTOH, Went over to OTW w/K&Mwillg6 for a couple of runs and those whales were ready to be attacked, soft, carveable, easy to ski at speed; 2nd time down i turned right when i should've turned left, booted out, slid almost to the bottom, real clinic on how not to self arrest. kwillg6 can give you the details, i was too busy to watch . I'm not sure what the plan is for the drop but the whales on off the wall were a blast.


Jimmy, Were you on tele skis on Friday?

Saturday, spent the day w/Mrs. Jimmy on Dew Drop and Twister; she thought i was kidding when i told her she might have to stop and wait for me!
February 12, 2007
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Ya Jimmy, you got it right, but I would have rated your, uh, mishap, a 9 out of 10. The 10 is awarded when you end up in the trees, which you didn't. But I thought the drop was GREAT with the whales. The right side was starting to bump up into a real rhythmic pattern by Sunday. And what about Thunderdraft???? More fun than a barrel of snowboarders!
February 12, 2007
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Thunderdraft was sweet and it seemed to bump up more than silver streak, maybe it had more traffic because of the race on Lightning? I didn't make it over to OTW, but I've heard it was good, too. I didn't think the Drop was much fun at all, and I assumed OTW would be in the same condition.
February 13, 2007
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I miss the trees on SS, but I have to admit it has at least been very skiable pretty much since the cold temps took over after MLK day. The new trail will never have the charm of the old tree-enclosed one, but I do think it will be open a lot more often.

As for the moguls on the Drop... Well, they are certainly a big challenge for me - the backsides of the moguls near the top drop off precipitously before the next one kicks up. Can't say I skied it well - but I did ski it! I am on board with the whole whale thing now. Given the limited terrain at Mid-A resorts, the whales add a level of challenge and fun that small resorts around here need to keep expert skiers interested. When the Drop and OTW were groomed last year, they skied too easy. To me it's nice to have 1-2 slopes I know will challenge my skiing ability. Kids love 'em too. I rode up Sunday with a 13 year old racer from Bryce who went on-and-on about how much fun the Drop was. My 5 year old daughter has been talking about whales since she discovered Tline's terrain park a couple weeks ago. She wants whales on some blue trails as well!


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