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February 5, 2007
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I was up at Timberline this weekend and the skiing was great. I was alone for a change, since my son had to stay home to work on some school projects.

Saturday morning was windy and crowds were light until about 10 when it started to get really busy. The bunkhouse was full and the rest of the parking lot filled up to capacity+. The snow was in great shape except for the western slopes which a wind did a number on. But even with the wind, there was enough loose stuff to keep it covered until Sunday afternoon when some boilerplate was unavoidable on Twister.

Sunday was sunny and the crowds light. I skied a couple of hours in the morning until the lift lines picked up and then went back out around 1:00 at which time there was no lift lines at all.

The snow makers were running on the unopened trails (as well as a couple of open ones) and they have done a great job getting everything open.

One thing I will complain about is the inaccuracy of their snow report (on the web). As an intermediate, it's been a little frustrating watching them open (most) all of the greens and a large portion of the blacks while the blues (except Lower Almost Heaven) were left to lanquish. The snow report for both Saturday and Sunday showed some more blues online (Twister, Lower Thunderstruck and Good Intentions) but while Twister and Thunderstuck opened (Thunderstruck held up well all weekend) Good Intentions was still covered with mounds from the snowmaking and was closed. How do you get that wrong?

Even so, it was a great weekend. Unfortunately, I didn't run into any DCSkiers although I saw the KWillg mobile. This was the weekend guys, cause with junior at home, I could have bought at Timbers!

All of the folks up there should get a huge round of applause for the work they have done to get things opened. Even with the cold weather, what they have accomplished is nothing short of amazing and if the snow report is to be believed 95%+ will be open next weekend.

February 5, 2007
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We'll have to road-trip up together sometime on a weekend, especially since you just live not that far from me! I've yet to ski TLine myself, and I really need to go check it out! I'll see what my schedule looks like in the later half of this month and or beginning of March! I was up at Liberty myself this past weekend, and had a blast there. This weekend, I'll be at Massanutten again for the entire weekend. I do know for a fact that my schedule is free on President's day weekend - suffice to say that I'll be skiing somewhere! I am not letting a perfectly good president's day weekend go by without spending it on the slopes laying down some turns, preferably staying the entire weekend.

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