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December 15, 2006
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I've heard a lot of talk about cloud skiing, but I've never seen any video. Is this cloud skiing. Or is this just a video of someone who just finished cloud skiing?

Cloud Skiing?
December 15, 2006
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call it what you want but it sure looks like a blast....hope he was using rock skis, though.
Roger Z
December 15, 2006
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Holy cow. If they weren't rock skis before they are now! You know you've really knicked a rock when you can hear it over the sound of a jet engine. Criminy.
December 15, 2006
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whoah that was awesome! I gotta sho my friend Jeff he's a para guy and a great skier ... hmmm well maybe I shouldn't show him I don't want him to kill himself!

I like the hockey-stop and the end ... do you think that landing area was pre-planned lol?
December 15, 2006
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What jet engine, you hearing things Rog? & what happened to the 1st guy that took off.....Did he make it?
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