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March 22, 2006
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Just wanted to say hey to everybody. I'm from Smith Island MD been skiing for about 15 years but ain't been doing it as much as I would like. Thats about to change. Look forward to talking to you all and tring to learn as much from you as I can. Oh yea by the way my name is Dean.
The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
March 22, 2006
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Welcome Dean.
Smith Islander, heh, that sure makes for a long trip to the ski slopes.
Where do you live now? Gland you can get more slope time in the future...what happened to allow this?
Again, Welcome!
The Colonel
bousquet19 - DCSki Supporter 
March 23, 2006
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Hi oofmama/Dean, and welcome to the group!

I think you'll enjoy the posts here--whether serious, goofy or downright bizarre. Hope you'll tell us about where you ski and what you like/don't like. Always looking for good tips on lodging, driving routes, places to eat, and so forth.

March 23, 2006
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Dean...consider this your warning! The untopic is a great time! Any discussions wrt LM and HV are quite spirited. Any posts involving logging or eminent domain will get you mixed reactions. Don't ask for car advise (just ask Brad), you never know what you will end up with. And one last note, EVERYONE NEEDS DIRECTIONS TO SNOWSHOE! Have a great time and do a shotski for me!

March 23, 2006
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Hey Dean! hey, hey, hey. Jump into the frey! All we want is another pow pow day!
March 23, 2006
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Hey Dean,

Welcome! How's life on Smith Island?

I spent Thanksgiving in Onancock, VA. I left Onancock Friday afternoon and drove to Snowshoe. What a friggin haul that was. I didn't even have to take a boat ride (I will assume the only way you can get off the island is to swim or take a boat).

I wonder if southern Vermont is closer than Snowshoe for you?
March 24, 2006
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I want to thank you all for the warm welcome. Yea I still live over there Colonel. It makes it a little tuff planing ski trips so that means I don't go half as much as I'd like. But thats gonna change this year. Your right SCWVA the only way to get off the island is by boat it would be to long of a swim for me (12 miles). Once again thanks for the warm welcome and I hope to be talking to you all soon.
March 30, 2006
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I try not to be THAT bad about cars... just if you don't buy a Subaru wagon and a Ford F150 you are an evil evil person. Oh wait, did I actually type that as I was thinking it...?

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