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March 10, 2006
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I went up to WT for a quick 4 hr session. When I pulled into the parking lot around 11:30, my car said it was 76F. Ahhh perfect spring skiing weather. When I got my ticket, I was informed that Bold Decision had been closed due to a huge mud/bare/wet spot. I went straight over to Exhibition, which was just plain sweet. No mud, not brown spots, nothing but big phat soft bumps. The base on Exhibition is deep, can't say that much for the terrain park. It was very thin. In general, they had a pretty good base thou.

I just did laps on Exhibition until my legs were shaking. Shaking for joy of course.

I'd get up there, I doubt there will be much left come Monday am.

BTW - I used my A/C on the way home. It was kind of weird.
March 11, 2006
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Well, they regroomed Bold and reopened it today, but the snow is going fast. Whitetail is closing on Sunday 3/12 at 5PM and HOPES to reopen next weekend for one final blow out. We're referring everyone to Liberty and Roundtop for the weekdays. Fanciful and Snow Dancer are history. Far Side was incredibly still open. That's a real good indicator that next weekend is more than just a fantasy.
March 13, 2006
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After looking at the approaching rain tonight, I had high hopes that it would be short lived and not do much damage.
But from the looks of the web cams, the sun was not kind today. It looks pretty bleak. Drop In is toast. Lower Angel drop is almost gone, but the hits might be usable to save the trail. Snow Park is getting some holes, but it's still groomable. Next weekend is now only a little more than a fantasy.

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