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March 3, 2006
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Killington! (answer to Rich)

I ski or try to ski mostly the moguls in Exhibition every time I go to WT. I have experienced, very briefly, moments of great satisfaction and LOTS of moments of frustration and embarrassment.

I am work in progress. I have the Lito tapes but sometimes it is hard to apply his lessons. Somehow, the moguls in his tape seem, how do you say it, more 'benign' !?

To summarize, I enjoy doing Exhibition even though I get awhupping most of the times. I will hate to see it groomed but I can see the need as the snow is getting thin in some spots. I don't know, maybe better more snow making/spreading, etc...

Oh yes, I have done Outer Limits. The upper half was tough (for me) and the lower half was 'easier' (again, for me)

I just keep on trying and maybe somewhere in the distant future I can be the next Toby.

I will be at WT night skiing until they close. If somebody wants to give me some pointers, hey, you are welcome to. I'll be one of the few guys (sometimes the only person) on that run.
March 3, 2006
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Yes, Killington Outer Limits - sort of a giant white Volkswagen parking lot on a steep hill!!!
Love the Bumps - but not a picture of style...just a picture of someone having fun. Really need some new skis (any suggestions) as my all-day cruisers (Dynastar Speed 178's) are a bit long-in-the-length for the bumps. I really think I'd like some 168's (@6'/190lbs). K2 Apache Crossfire's might fill the all-mountain and some bumps bill???
March 3, 2006
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I have the Crossfires in 174 but I think that I might do better with 170's or 167's. I am 5'9", 175 lbs. Seem to work great in bumps, it will work better if I could ski them better

After watching the Olympic mogul competitions, I am conviced that my mogul skiing will be a LOT better if I had really short poles... yeah right...
March 7, 2006
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Kennedy's post from another thread:


I get a kick out of watching people grinning ear to ear after a run because that is what it's all about for me.

I agree with you 100%, it doesn't matter what level you are as long as you're having fun.

Please do not take my comments to your post in the wrong way, I was not busting your chops. I just think every ski are should have at least one bump run. One run out of 19 (5%) at WT is not asking much. A ski area without a bump run is not a real ski area.

With the lack any real steep terrain in the Mid-Atlantic, bumps & trees are the only thing around here that is challenging (I'll keep the terrain parks out of this conversation).

I love skiing the bumps and trying to get yourself back into control once you're in the backseat with your arms are flailing about. There's nothing like a good wreck, to deflate the ego. I deflate my ego on a regular basis, usually in a most spectacular way.

I was told by someone a long time ago, that if you didn't wreck at least once when you were out skiing, then you weren't pushing yourself.

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