Extreme Allsport in Chantilly?
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December 1, 2005
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Recently discovered this little hole in the wall near my office in Chantilly. Anyone have any experience with them?
December 1, 2005
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Is that the Ski & Golf store on Rt 50 & Centreville Rd?

If so, I never knew it had a name, beyond what the sign said "Ski & Golf Sale".

If so, I bought my snowboard there a few years back. I rented the board and boots originally for a week, but when they said I could apply my rental cost towards the purchase of the board I took them up on it.

I have also rented skis for my kids from them in the past. They are substantially cheaper than renting at the resorts. A friend of mine rented a brand new pair of skis and boots from them over Thanksgiving. I believe he said that it cost him $40 for the four days. Not bad for brand new skis and boots.

The last time I was there, they didn't have any high end skis, but it's been a couple of years.

Plus you can look at the off season deals on golf clubs
December 1, 2005
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I was in there about two months ago. The guy who owns it seems pretty good, he just purchased it in the last two years. If you had any experience before then apparently the guy was an a**. This guys seems good and he is carrying some good gear. Ross's Z & Bandits, Atomic Metron & SLxx, etc.. The guy who owned it before was mostly selling used stuff.

For what it's worth I'll plug Pro-Fit in Leesburg. Brian seems to know his stuff and carrys really good quality stuff. Just picked up a new pair of Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous . LET IT SNOW!!!!!
December 1, 2005
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Yeah, the guy a few years back was Tom. Interesting guy. They were a branch of Ski and Skate (I think) out of Harrisonberg, so I knew the season rental deal ... rent for a season and they'll sell you the package at year end for $100 to $150 or so. I rented some sweet Rossis, skied 'em for a year, and waited for the bill. It never came, so the following fall, I went up to the shop, talked to Tom, and said hey ... I never got a bill, but I'd like to buy the gear. He says "Oh yeah, some stuff got mixed up. What's your offer?" I offered him $100, and he says OK, takes my 5 twenties and just stuffs them in his pocket.

December 2, 2005
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Yes! - that's our favorite ski store in the area. The owner, Pete, gives honest advice, and really tries to get you into the right skis for your level and budget. The store has been growing each year, which is great to see. He has both new and used equipment so there's a range, but never gets too pricey. Our whole family has bought skis and board there, from my kids & husband to my dad. In fact, I just picked up a nice little set of one-year-used skis for my younger son for $50! I'll probably be in there this weekend to look for a bigger board for my older son, and to help a friend by her first pair of skis. I wouldn't go anywhere else in the DC area.

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