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January 24, 2000

i'm going to 7 springs this weekend and i'm not sure if i should rent skiis at like, ski chalet, or rent them at 7 springs. what do you think would be cheaper and who would have better quality? i heard ski chalet was expensive...also, how long does it usually take to 7 springs from d.c.?


January 25, 2000
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Seven Springs is a good 3 to 3.5 hours from DC. The best way is via the PA Turnpike off the Donagel Exit (exit 9) or the Somerset exit (exit 10). It's NOT a day trip - trust me, I've done it and it was a lllooonnnggg day. As for renting, Seven Springs is sure to have plenty. There will also be rental shops at the exits to the resort which should be pretty cheap. Do NOT go to Ski Chalet. They WILL charge an arm and a leg. Plus, my experience has been there are better places in DC. For example, Ski Center in upper Northwest DC off Mass Ave. is great for purchases - they might be good for rentals as well.

Good luck and have fun - Seven Springs is one of my favorite local areas - lots of terrain and friendly folks. BTW, it's also cheaper to get a hotel in Somerset than on the resort itself - I stayed at a HoJo's a couple of years back for $50.00 a night.

January 25, 2000

ok, thanks for the info, jim. i'm a newbie because the only other time i went skiing was in 92, when i was a senior in high school. i went to some place called massofnothing and they had only one slope open. the ski patrol wouldn't let me get any air off the little bumps on the slope.
January 26, 2000
You should have a great time with the recent snow @7Springs!

As far as renting, I would definitely recommend Ski Chalet.

ski chalet rentals = 29/weekend for good skis/boots/poles
7Springs = 76/weekend for fair gear
Also, ski chalet lets you apply rental fees toward equipment purchases, so the $$ is well spent. The selection is good, they even have demos, and the people are nice.

Have fun

January 26, 2000
thanks weekend skier,
but i checked out the 7 springs website and their ski rental is only 38 dollars for a friday, saturday, sunday(day) rental. 29$, if its true, at ski chalet sounds really good too. i'll call them to confirm that price.


February 1, 2000
I know this is alittle late for your weekend, but I was just in 7 springs maybe the same time you were 1/28-1/31. Their rental equipment in my opinion sucks unless you want to spend $16 more dollars for the weekend for what they call high performance equipment (which really just means better stuff)I highly recommend renting before you go. other than that 7 springs is great!

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