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Denis - DCSki Supporter 
April 11, 2005
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April 12, 2005
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You're the man! I'm sure they took your picture because you were whipping up on everyone there!

MRG is my favorite ski area on the east coast. I usually get 2-3 days a year in at MRG, but this is the first year in over 15 years I didn't ski there. This year I traded MRG for Alta. Not a bad trade.
JimK - DCSki Columnist
April 12, 2005
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You've got to get a copy of that and frame it.
April 12, 2005
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Cool! I haven't been up there for 8 years or so, and lost my last bumper sticker when I traded my car last summer. Need to get back up there! There is no other place like MRG. That's a picture to be proud of.

johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
April 13, 2005
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MRG: "Still Single After All these Years."
April 13, 2005
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That's sweet Denis, maybe Scott would put it on the home page of DCSki.
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