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March 31, 2005
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While out at Durango last week (dumped powder, no lift lines, beautiful scenery, fantastic blue runs; long, excruciatingly flat traverses between some lifts) I found a great deal on some new Thirtytwo boots, so I took advantage of it and bought them. What a difference! My old boots had a very small toe box, leaving one of my toes crammed on top of another; these boots are much easier to tighten and also fit better. Unfortunately, my new boots are apparently smaller than my old ones, as my bindings now strap on all the way to the end, with a small amount of give still left over on the toe strap(?). In terms of width and everything else the bindings fit great, it's just this one problem. If there's a cheap way to solve this I'd love to know, if not...

I've been looking at some new bindings to replace the now obsolete ones. I currently ride on one year old K2 V7s (size Large) and am looking at a set of ride EX's that are on ebay for about 80 bucks after shipping. Is this a decent trade off in quality/appropriate price to pay? Any other recommendations? I find myself in the mountain much more often than in the park, if that makes any difference.

Finally, I wear a size 9 boot, and I've noticed that this tends to be the meeting point between medium and large on bindings for a lot of companies. Can anyone offer advice on whether it would be better to err on the side of medium or large?
March 31, 2005
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i have a friend selling a ride lx chrome lge for about 90 to 100 but if u live close to manassas u cant pick it up and not pay shipping the lx is one below the ex but not much different a binding and the lx he only used once just selling them because he bought tomcats
April 5, 2005
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If there's a cheap way to solve this I'd love to know,

Have you tried adjusting the strap where it is bolted to the binding to make it tighter? If the strap is already at it it's tightest setting, you can probably get a smaller replacement strap from a shop.
April 23, 2005
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Move the buckle. There's probably not another hole for it...

but you may be able to move the piece the buckle is attached to so that the buckle will not ratchet all the way to the end. If you can't do this... either go to your shop and see if they can hook you up with a shorter strap (which most can, get the buckle straps for a medium or something) or do-it-yourself. If you chose the latter, you're going to have to un-rivet the buckle off the binding a drill a hole to the inside of the buckle's previous location, then reattach (which will likely involve riveting).

Of course... the third solution is just to get some Technine cap straps.

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