Seven Springs Trip Report 2/6/05
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February 8, 2005
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Went to the Springs on Sunday am from NoVa. After a quick 3 hr drive, we arrived at the upper lot at 9am. After paying $40 for a lift ticket , we park in the lot which is barely half full. We spent most of the day skiing the backside. We made one trip to the front side to ski Stowe, Avalanche, & Goose Bumps. Avalanche and the lower protion of Stowe were bumped up nicely. Goose Bumps basically had very few bumps . The glades to the right of Stowe had some good snow in them, but the general lack of vertical on the front side sent us back to the Northface side of the mountain. The backside had good snow throughout and there were some nice little bump runs under the Northface lift and along the pine trees they use to block/break up the wind. Turtle Neck Glades were a blast. The center of the glades were a bit sketchy, but the sides had good snow and there was even few a lines where you could carve up a few freshies let over from the last snow. The weather was great, blue bird skies, warm sun, and packed powder until about noon when things started to really soften up. By the end of the day, the only terrain that was showing any wear was the natural snow terrain. Typically there was no wait at any of the lifts beyond 3-4 chairs. By 2:30pm, you could ski right onto the lift.

I usually ski Super Bowl Sunday because some reason people would rather sit on their a__ and watch football than ski. We left a little before 5pm and still got bck in time to catch all of the 2nd half and a couple minutes of the 2nd quarter. is good.
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February 8, 2005
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Just to follow-up on your excellent Trip Report, I skied 7-Springs on Sunday and enjoyed myself sooo much that I skied right up until dark. I also skied 7-Springs on Monday (yesterday), and, once again, it was a beautiful day. However, the snow got rather wet and slow by 1:00 PM. And, unfortunately, a few thin spots were starting to show up on the North Face. The best snow (by far) was on the Gunnar slope (also located on the North side of 7-Springs). Because most of upper Gunnar is shaded (particularly on the left side (facing downhill)) the snow doesn't melt as much as on other trails. The snow on Gunnar held up quite well and stayed fast throughout the day. Also, the coverage on Gunnar was really awesome with NO thin spots.

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