Anybody get rejected at liberty on Saturday??
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January 31, 2005
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I was at roundotp and heard that liberty reached max capacity and they were turning people away (to roundtop). anybody get caught up in that?
January 31, 2005
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Maybe, was at Roundtop from 8am til 2ish.
Minuteman quad got really busy around 11:30.
Longest lines I've seen all year, then the triple got backed up as the quad was stop n go. Still had some legs left, but the lunchtime crowd was getting to me. Maybe that was due to a Liberty overflow....

It was awesome in the morning though!
January 31, 2005
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yeah it was. i was in the pipe from 8:00 to about 2:00. i couldnt beleive how full the lots were when i left.
January 31, 2005
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Reports were that Liberty was at capacity by 12:30pm - as in no more lift tickets sold. The seasons pass lot, the main lot and what I call the satellite parking lot were all full to capacity plus. I heard that Liberty management guesstimated that the area had to turn away as many people as they admitted. Wow! What was it about Saturday? I was there Sunday. Snow conditions were AWESOME, and although it was a bit crowded, there was still TONS of room to ski and nearly no wait for the lifts on the backside!
January 31, 2005
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I got rejected at the Tavern after my shift...
January 31, 2005
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i was at whitetail and it was the most crowded i had ever seen it!! The place was packed and the lot seemed very close to capacity
February 1, 2005
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I got rejected at the Tavern after my shift...

I didn't! The band was really good.
(shameless solicitaion) Take a lesson from Cheryl too. I work day shift.
February 1, 2005
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Didn't get rejected...but almost wish I had!!

My two friends and I arrived at 10ish that morning. We stood in line for about 15 minutes to get lift big deal, it's a choke point. Then we entered the locker room to change and for my friends to get ski rentals. I changed and went outside to wait for them. I waited about 20 minutes and then decided I couldn't take it anymore, the snow was so good, so I went up the magic carpet..yes the magic carpet. It was the fasted way to get 40 ft up the mountain. All of the other lift lines were horrible and I didn't see a lift run for more than 1 minute without stopping for 5. So I came down from the magic carpet and waiting at the exit for the rental shop some more. about 35 minutes later my friends would emerge with their skis. We talked things over and decided to take the quad to the top and get out of the frontside. We got in line for the lift and discovered it was loading a set of people about once every minute. So we went to the center double lift and waited for about 25 minutes to get on, but at least we got on. It was beautiful snow and great skiing. We chatted with some folks in line that had 4 hour lift passes and expected to make 3-4 runs this trip TOTAL. Lucky for them, they were just trying out new boards and skis and had a trip to WV planned for Feb.

After coming down the double blue, we got back in line for the quad to the top. It actually moved this time, but slowly. While we were waiting in line the ski patrol brought about 3 or 4 people down on sleds all busted up (seperate incidents). Once we got to the top, we stayed on the backside. It was much better there. One friend is a beginner/intermediate skier and he did great on the backside and had a blast. The lift lines were moving very well the whole day. We thought about lunch at the snack bar there, but as we got in line and folks were eating on the deck, the honey truck shows up and starts to pump the bathrooms. Needless to say the smell made everybody scatter and we lost our appetite. Luckily we had plenty of water and granola bars to tide us over. After skiing the backside to 3 or so, we decided it was almost time to go. Back to the top we went and down dipsy to the front. We thought things might be lighter at this point, but it was still a complete zoo so we bagged it right there. A couple of interesting points about the day:

1. We asked a ski patrol if they would limit the number of tickets to the park and they said they would at some point, but they had never seen it happen because it was so high.
2. Bus after bus just kept pumping in groups all day long. It was horrible. Everywhere there were group leaders with radios squawking horribly trying to find kids etc. They should just have a group day and shut the park down to everyone but groups like amusement parks do.
3. They were trying to do racing, but it wasn't going well since the racers couldn't get up the lifts. There were also plenty of little kids (admit they were great skiers) with red racing bibs on all over the mountain. I think they were getting lessons. Rough day for them though with the crowds.
4. It turns out it was "scout" day and a bazillion scouts were camping nearby and skiing that day. We heard a few of them had hypothermia the night before (it was a low of 5 I think that night).

While leaving, there were cops at the entrance directing traffic. There was a backup from rt 15 through Emmitsburg all the way up to the Liberty parking lots of people trying to leave. There was the same backup going the other direction of people trying to come in for night skiing.

What a horrible horrible mess...definitely not worth the $185 in lift tickets and rentals.

Snow was great though

I'll try to post a link to some photos of the crowds later.
February 1, 2005
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My wife and I hit the slopes at about 3:00 on Saturday. It was incredibly crowded, more crowded than anywhere we have ever skied! We did a couple warm up runs on Dipsy and got pretty frustrated. It was our first visit to Liberty and only our second ski trip of the year. We were looking at our trail map, trying to figure out where to go when a really nice ski patrol woman told us to check out the backside.

We headed to the back. We both learned to ski in Ohio where we could ski the double blacks with ease; however, the skiing in the Mid-Atlantic is a bit steeper and longer. After a few times down the back side (not the double blacks ) we felt very comfortable. In fact, we had one of our best days ever.

We stopped for dinner at the over priced restaurant and then headed back out for some night skiing. It started to snow/sleet around 8:00 which actually was pretty decent to ski on. We had a really good time and didn't end up waiting more than a couple of minutes for the lift on the back side.
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