I hope I never see this on the slopes!
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January 14, 2005
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I found this interesting little video clip (WARNING!! Explicit Language can be heard!) where there was a skiier and snowboarder fighting. Pretty messed up!
January 15, 2005
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I don't think it was part of the classic war but it's still pretty bad.
January 15, 2005
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Haven't seen anything that bad. I did see a skier deck a snowboarder who had run him over, then yelled at the skier for being in the way (was on an intermediate trail and skiing well w/in his ability).
January 15, 2005
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These types of scenes will become more evident considering the lack of respect I see out on the slopes. We look to the ski patrollers to police the slopes for dangerous skiers/boarders and to reprimand them. I have noticed in the last 5-8 years a slight shift in as much that the ski patrollers are taking more of a back seat to policing the slopes.With the recklessness that I see on the slopes I am surprised we all haven't seen more of this
January 18, 2005
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These guys must be on strike NHL players. Note how they dropped gloves & pulled each others jerseys (jackets) off. Then the ski patrol moves in to separate them, just like a hockey fight one gets in a pretty good right after it appears it's all over. Idiots. Totally out of control. I hope they're banned for life.
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