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January 7, 2005
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1 more week and everything goes back to average (for real this time). Starting the 15th, temps will range from the upper 30s for highs to the mid 20s for the higher terrain. Thats about average for the year. This warm spell really took its toll on the homestead. Went up there to see if they made snow last night and to go snowboarding if they did. The didn't - The snow was melted into sections with the deepest parts of course being at the snowguns. The surface was like a skating rink. You would need a sharp diamond edge on your skis/board to carve that stuff.

Accuweather has excellent long-range forecast accuracy. Open the link and type in the city or resort you want to see forecasts for - its a very nice forecast past friday . accuweather link. Open the link and drool at the nice temps coming.
January 7, 2005
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skiingweatherman.com agrees with your assessment of a return to winter next weekend.
January 7, 2005
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Sure hope the long term forecast is correct. Haven't made any turns yet this season. Had two trips ruined by the rain.
Hope to make a day trip somewhere MLK weekend.

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