Snowshoe ski report 1/7/05
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Roger Z
January 7, 2005
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Thought I'd follow-up the lead on the page with the first couple paragraphs from the snowmakers report at Snowshoe:


Okay this is what happened today, Mountain Operations made snow until around noon. At one time there were more then 200 guns operating at the Snowshoe and Silver Creek areas. There were places where the guns made knee deep snow and that will come in handy the next couple of days until the real cold temperatures set in. Everything that wasn't open today because of snowmaking operations will be open on Saturday. That's 51 trails across the resort areas.

Mountain Operations continues to report thin areas and bare spots. Please be aware of changing conditions throughout the day.

Given how bad this weather has been, I am thoroughly impressed with the size and duration of the operation there at Snowshoe. The weather forecasts are starting to show the grand finale of this warm air on Thursday, with temps coming back down below freezing by Friday night and highs in the 30s/lows in the teens in the mountains after that- about seasonable, and maybe a little below normal here and there. If this holds, the skiing after MLK is shaping up to be decent. Won't do the ski areas much good if the lose MLK, but it's not bad for us desperados.
January 7, 2005
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I just got back from Snowshoe about an hour ago (via Amtrak if anyone is interested in my whole train story) and it was pretty gnarly yesterday. Well, we didnt even go skiing yesterday even though we paid for it. It was pouring rain yesterday morning and we just said forget it. It rained every day since Monday at least for 4-5 hours during the day. By Wednesday afternoon, there were MAJOR bare spots on slopes that were kept open for reasons I know not. So, its good to know that they were able to crank up the guns. Although I will say I probably picked the ABSOLUTE worst week to go skiing. But I got my 12.90 ticket from White Sulphur Springs to Manassas....
January 8, 2005
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Kahuna, How's you get from White Sulphur Springs to the Shoe? Do they have a shuttle?

SS cranked up the guns today at 2pm. It sounds like things should improve greatly.

I checked 7 Springs webcams and they haven't cranked up the guns yet I didn't see anybody skiing? Are they open?
January 8, 2005
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I'm from Charleston, SC, but I go to college in DC. Some friends from home drove up and picked me up at the train station in WSS, and it was about an hour and a half onward to Snowshoe. It actually worked out pretty well, except that they had to leave a day earlier than expected, forcing me to stay in a motel in WSS by myself on Thursday night. No shuttle unfortunately.

I see youre from Centreville. Im here in Centreville until Tuesday at some relatives.

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