New 24 Hours Race in WV
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December 29, 2004
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I've heard rumors that Granny Gear was going to put on a new 24 hr race in WV. Snowshoe has gone by the wayside. I heard it may be a Big Bear near Morgantown, WV. Can anyone confirm or dispell this rumor?
January 3, 2005
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I can confirm that rumor. That seems to be the case... if you check-out the regional forums on mtbreview ( you'll be able to read-up on the entire thing. I might copy and past some info over. But yes, it does look like they've chosen Big Bear near Morgantown as their next 24-hour race destination. Sweet trails over there tooo... like a mini, less muddy version of Snowshoe.
January 27, 2005
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Granny Gear has posted the following info:

24 Hours of Big Bear, Hazelton, WV
June 18 & 19, 2005

This race replaces the 24 hours of Canaan at Snowshoe.

No other info at this time.
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