Ski Free at Snowshoe--No Strings Attached
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johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
April 1, 2002
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Just got this announcement over e-mail:

Hello Everyone:
Wow it seems like the season just started 101 days ago.
Come to think of it, the season did. This is the last week of a very
challenging season thanks to a main ingredient to every season that we
no control over, weather. To go out with a bang, since it took us
awhile to
get things going this year, we are going to provide FREE LIFT TICKETS
Saturday and Sunday. No strings attached, just show up at the lift
window, receive your ticket and away you go.
Mountain Operations made sure during the last couple of
snowmaking days that the core slopes we have open this week have good
coverage. The average base on the slopes stands at 24 - 40 inches with
of the Snowshoe area trails still open. There is a Terrain Park on
Glades at the Snowshoe area with a couple of tabletops and one rail.
park will be available until we close for the winter season, this
April 7. Snowshoe Mountain continues to have the most available
terrain in
the region.
Now keep your fingers crossed as we hope to have Cupp Run
open Saturday and Sunday. We are keeping that slope closed until then
save the snow coverage. That would be 1500 vertical feet of downhill
for free! If anyone wants to lodge with us this weekend, we have
pulled all
the prices back to summer rates.
Speaking of snow, we are holding at 110 inches for this
season or 61 percent of our yearly average of 180 inches. In March we
received 18 inches of snow. Last March we received 55 inches. Snow is
actually in the forecast this Wednesday and Thursday. To see what is
on here at the resort check this out
<> .
Staying on the subject of weather, which seems to be
changing every minute, let's hear what Herb Stevens "The Skiing
thinks about the situation. "Look for mild temperatures for most of
week during the day and subfreezing temperatures at night. You can
expect a
couple inches of snow Wednesday night into Friday morning. The weather
looks just fine to provide excellent spring skiing conditions for the
week of the season." I suggest going to Herb's web site for a total
regional weather forecast at
<> . Time to thank the snowmakers and
groomers for all their hard work to get us to where we are today
without their efforts this season would not have happened.
Season pass holders from other resorts in the region can
still ski or ride for free at Snowshoe Mountain through the end of the
season, April 7. Speaking of season passes, get a jump on next season
purchasing your season pass today. Season Passes for the 02/03-winter
are now on sale. Get an anytime pass for only $348 and a midweek pass
only $198. Call 304-572-5424 to purchase your pass.
Central Reservations is still waiting to hear from you and
help you get your final trip of year together before time runs out.
are some awesome lodging deals going right now. You need to check out
HOT DEALS for great savings. For more details and to book your trip
year use our toll free number, 1-877-441-4FUN or go online at <> .
Did I hear someone mention golf? Make plans to join us this
year for the finest golf experience in West Virginia at the Raven Golf
at Snowshoe Mountain beginning April 18.
To find out what else is happening in the area or throughout
West Virginia, check out the Pocahontas County Tourism website at <> or go
to <> .
Hope to see you on the slopes soon!

Joe Stevens
Director of Communications
Snowshoe Mountain

April 1, 2002
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Thanks for the update. Skied at Timberline both days this past weekend, me and my buddies pretty much had the resort to ourselves. Not only were there no lifts lines, I think the staff out numbered paying customers. While there were bare spots poking through here and there, overall the slopes were still in good shape and the soft Spring snow was sweet(although they closed Thunderdraft, that was only because of bare spots at the top, most people were skiing it anyways). And it was snowing at the top of the mountain on Sunday (rain below, riding the lifts sucked but it was wonderful having the slopes to ourselves).

Snowshoe this weekend? Hard to choose between that and getting back into my warmer weather sports of climbing and bicycling. Since I have never been there before, about how long does it take to drive there, what is the best route from D.C. going out on I-66, and are there any cheap motel options nearby for last minute travelers?

April 1, 2002
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Mitch, i'm getting into climbing myself and have some basic equipment. I'm attending army ranger climbing and rapelling camp this summer, and was wondering where you suggest i go to really get started. books, videos, locales, gear, etc? thanks....Jarrett
April 1, 2002
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Jarett, this is getting off topic, but anyway a good way to get into local climbing is to join the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club Mountaineering Section Wednesday evenings at Carderock. Also check out the webpage for the PATC (PATC/net) Mountaineering Section for weekend trips.
johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
April 2, 2002
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It seems like no one wants to ski Timberline after the second week of March. Their loss!

The ride to Snowshoe is covered pretty well in this discussion thread:

Ski and Tell

Snowcat got your tongue?

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