Snowing at Belleayre in Catskills upto 4 Inches
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November 12, 2004
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Not sure if you folks down in DC area are interested in this stuff. Maybe Catskill Mtns are too far away. I have met a few folks from Maryland on the chair lift that have told me Belleayre Mtn is the best kept secret for weekend skiing on northeast (no crowds and great snowmaking).

Well the snowguns have been blasting for 4 days now at Belleayre, they got some natural snow a few days ago and now they are going to get 4 more inches of snow.

Looking at the ORDA Cams from Whitface, NY , the Catskills have more snow than the Adirondacks right now.

I lived in Laural MD for awhile. I figure a drive from DC area to Belleayre in just over 6 hours.

Let me know if I am wasting my time posting here.
November 12, 2004
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Thanks for the info. I'll be in Connecticut over the Thanksgiving Holiday and I'm hoping to check out either Belleayre or Hunter the Friday of that weekend. I realize Hunter donates ticket proceeds that day, but I'll need to do a quick drive time / cost / trails open comparison.

This is also the year I'll finally ski at Plattekill. Sounds like my kind of mountain. Wussing out on the trip this year is not an option!

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