Firsthand Report: Christmas Eve at Liberty
Author thumbnail By Connie Lawn, DCSki Columnist

The skiing was actually quite wonderful! The day was enhanced by mild weather, in the 40’s, a beautiful blue, pink and yellow sky, and the small crowds. Not great for the resort, but a wonderful Christmas present for the skiers and snowboarders.

I don’t know how Liberty did it! The weather was warm, and the previous day was extremely rainy. I was hesitant to go, but my husband Charles was willing to do the driving, and pointed out it was only about an hour from Bethesda. There was also little traffic, which added to the Christmas presents.

Going home on Dipsy Doodle. Photo provided by Charles Sneiderman.

On the slopes, the atmosphere was enhanced by marvelous Christmas music. The trails were in marvelous shape - fast and groomed. They were listed as frozen granular and packed powder, but they were fine for me, and just the way I like them. There were 7 trails open, but that was more than adequate for the light crowds. My favorite was Heavenly, which I took again and again. The double diamonds Upper Ultra and the West Side Park were also open. There were some bare patches and leaves on the trails, but nothing to cause problems. More snowmaking is underway, which will improve the situation further.

Ski patroller Roger Domras at the top of Liberty Mountain. Photo provided by Charles Sneiderman.

As always, we enjoyed visiting with President and General Manager Eric Flynn and his terrific staff. He said they work hard to keep the resort as safe and inviting as possible. Many activities are planned for the upcoming season, and Christmas wishes are for cold so the magical snowmaking elves can open the rest of the resort.

As we left, there was a beautiful sunset over the mountains, and I believe I heard the jingling of a sled in the skies. Oh well, maybe it was just the planes protecting the Bush family at nearby Camp David! But, whatever it was, I hope they got the message, and bless us with cold weather, and perhaps some natural snow, in the ensuing months!

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