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The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
October 29, 2004
Member since 03/5/2004 🔗
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I suspect that many of us would be willing to shell out for a "real" "DCSki" ski pin similar to those sold at the various ski areas. Any chance we could go for this rather than the "tin button" type pin on your "shirts and things" site?
The Colonel
November 1, 2004
Member since 07/31/2003 🔗
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I've ordered the button but if a pin (like the resort pins discussed) could be arranged, I also would be willing to get one...

November 1, 2004
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Put me on the list for 3 "real" ski pins. I think the DCSki logo would make a beautiful and distinctive ski pin.
Scott - DCSki Editor
November 1, 2004
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Hi folks,

I'll try to investigate ski pins, but there are a couple things that would make it difficult. Right now, DCSki uses CafePress to offer items such as t-shirts. CafePress handles all of the ordering, billing, shipping, and printing, so the only thing I need to do is send DCSki's logo to CafePress and they take care of the rest.

I would need to order custom pins from a company, and then I would somehow need to sell these myself -- handling ordering, billing, and shipping. I don't see how I would have the resources to do that (particularly time). DCSki is also set up as a business that provides a service; it doesn't sell physical products. I might need to change the way DCSki's business is structured if I were to sell something like pins myself. (For example, if you sell a product and maintain an inventory, you need to obtain a business license from your local county, and it makes things like taxes much more complicated.) Finally, it appears that a large quantity of pins would need to be ordered (hundreds or thousands to get a reasonable single unit cost), since they must be custom cast.

I'm not trying to throw water on the idea -- I will explore it further. CafePress makes certain items very easy to sell, and this would be a no brainer if CafePress offered that type of pin!


- Scott
November 1, 2004
Member since 11/9/2001 🔗
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Maybe you could work something out with a retailer who could sell the pens? For example-you license the rights to the logo for the purposes of selling pens and pens only to the manufacturer. Like college football "smack" t-shirts, I'm sure only a handful of manufacturers produce the pens that are sold at hundreds of resorts. In turn, the pens could be sold at our local ski slopes and at the ski shops around D.C through that manufacturer.

If someone were to offer them online, you could link from DCSki. to that website.

Just a thought.


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