Baseball Players Tougher Than Skiers & Boarders?
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October 25, 2004
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After watching last night's World Series game in cold, windy & rainy Fenway Park, I might be willing to claim that baseball players are tougher than skiers and snowboarders. Temps probably went down to the upper 30's. Ball players don't have the advantage of Gore Tex, parkas, gloves, etc.; plus, they spend half their time standing around waiting for a ball to be hit to them. Wouldn't want to be a pitcher having to grip a baseball in those conditions, an infielder having to catch a 100+ mph grounder, or a hitter getting busted on the hands by a pitch.

Something to ponder when we complain about how cold it is on the slopes.

Of course if the Red Sox do win the World Series, the Apocalypse is officially upon us and we may have 80 degree temps on the slopes and full sun during night skiing.
October 25, 2004
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Give me a break. The overnight low from the main Boston weather station was 46. Some people think the real football season doesn't even start until temperatures drop below freezing. Maybe if the baseball players actually exerted a little energy like in a real sport their little tootsies wouldn't get so cold

PS Don't take this seriously. I really do like some baseball.
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PPS Curt Shilling isn't human!
October 25, 2004
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There are few people of any sport as tough as Curt Schilling. Pitching 2 games with a jury rigged ankle tendon? Wow.

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