3X deal from Peak, PA locations plus Hunter for $149/159 until 12/2/2019
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September 10, 2019 (edited September 10, 2019)
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There is a 3X deal from Peak that's available on the Liberty and Whitetail websites.  Presumably will be on all the relevant websites soon.  Back in 2017, 3X was a special promotion for Hunter.  The idea for 2019-20 is the same but now includes all the Peak locations in PA.  You get 3 day tickets for one low price: $149 until 10/1, then $159 until 12/2.  Also can get a package that includes rental gear that's called 3X Plus.  Quantities are limited and can only buy two 3X/3X Plus.

September 10, 2019
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I just had a look through the former Peak resorts' websites. No 4 hour tickets available anymore - full day tickets only.  On the upside they seem to have shifted to Liftopia and dynamic pricing, so (for example) a day ticket on Monday 23 December is currently priced at $35 and a night ticket for that night is $25.

September 18, 2019 (edited September 18, 2019)
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The 3X is limited to 2 per person. Good idea since most go only 3 to 6 times a year. 

Not date or weather dependent and includes WT, RT, LM,JF, BB, Hunter 

http://skidome.org/skidome2/pricing-changes/    has a video for easy guide to demand online pricing. 

September 20, 2019
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From the 32 members that were in skidome's NCC the avg was 4.25 visits. this is why the 3x will be a decent deal for most based on going under 6 visits.  Marketing says 75% go less then 9 times a year. Night during the week via demand online should offer a better deal but will depend on 2 days outlook on weather and a person's planning.  As for all resorts in the mid atlantic the MAX window for a holiday are between 65$ and 119$ range Blue Knob the low and Snowshoe the high. AVG holiday day is 78$   This link has graphics and the price compare of 10 resorts. http://skidome.org/skidome2/pricing-changes/

The Colonel - DCSki Supporter
September 21, 2019
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What are “NCC” and “SKIDOME”?

Laurel Hill Crazie - DCSki Supporter
September 24, 2019
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The Colonel wrote:

What are “NCC” and “SKIDOME”?

Since no one else answered this I'm going to guess that NCC stands for Night Club Card and Skidome is a web site. For info on Skidome click here: http://skidome2.skidome.org/ 

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