Seven Springs Hike 10-16-04
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October 18, 2004
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I went hiking up at Seven Springs this weekend. I basically hiked the north face. I didn't notice any improvements on the mountain. I went over to the future Great Western Territory. There was a completed trail traversing the top of where the slope is going to be but other then that there is nothing there. The trees have really grown in there since it was initial cut. While up there I got caught in a hail storm. Later on when we were back in the lodge it started snowing. I did take a lot of pictures while I was hiking and i added them posted them up on webshots. Here is the link.

One interesting photo was a view I took from the top of gunner slope. I have the exact same view in the winter. Here are the two shots
Gunner Winter
Gunner fall

Also I have two shots of it snowing while I was at the lodge.
shot 1
shot 2
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